10 Best Automotive Video Editing Apps

Automotive Video Editing Apps

10 Best Automotive Video Editing Apps

The amount of video marketing people watch has doubled since 2018. In addition, 86% of businesses use some form of video as a part of their marketing efforts. What does this mean for your business? It means that it’s time to look at some automotive video editing apps and find one that you can work with. With the right app, you can make high-quality videos and get out in front of marketing trends while engaging with your target audience. Your iPhone has a basic video editing app to get you started. However, you aren’t stuck with the basic iOS offerings.

What to Look For in a Video Editing App

For a basic intro to video editing, look for these features when choosing a video editing app. You can choose video editing software with the functionality you need to make producing videos as quick and easy as possible. That way, you don’t waste time with tedious steps or complete a video only to find out that you can’t export it to the platform that you want to post it on. There are some common video editing tools that you should look for to ensure you produce professional videos.

The best video editing apps have an intuitive interface that make it easy to learn how to edit video clips. Some apps even offer auto-editing features thanks to artificial intelligence. Don’t get caught up looking for a movie maker that offers the most features. You just need to choose one that offers the features you need. If you only want to make a slideshow, add subtitles, or use slow motion, then you don’t need all of the other features. You’ll find that many apps offer in app purchases for certain features. If you are ok with spending money, then this may not be a big deal for you.

Aspect Ratio

One of the most important features of motorcycle video apps is the aspect ratio is the dimensions of the video. Not all platforms use the same aspect ratio. Get this wrong, and your video will either look warped or have a section cut off. Neither of these is good and will make your video production look unprofessional. The simplest solution is to choose a video editing app that exports in the aspect ratio that you need.

Video Scrubbing

Without video scrubbing, you are stuck watching a video play through from the start every time you want to look at or edit a particular section. What this means for you is a lot of time wasted. To use a video scrubber, you move the cursor to where you want to view or edit. Then the editor will let you jump to that exact spot.

Edit Options

This isn’t about finding the video editing app with the most editing options. Instead, think about what you want to do with your videos, and then look for an app that has those editing abilities. For some, this could be the best ability to splice multiple clips together. For others, it could mean complex editing with multiple sound layers and special effects. If you’re new to video production, you may want video templates that takes the thought process out of video creation because the fonts, transitions, and background music are all chosen for you. This simplifies the editing experience without sacrificing video quality.

Export Quality

Don’t make an awesome video and then have it reduced in quality. This negates all of your hard work by making the video lower quality. In a world where your phone can make impressive professional-looking videos, there’s no excuse for having low-quality videos. However, keep in mind where you plan to use your videos. Social media platforms like TikTok don’t need as high of quality videos because the screen tends to be smaller. Be wary of some video makers that make big promises, but fail to deliver in practice. Vimeo is one of these that people typically end up disappointed with.

1. Avidemux

The light version of this video editing app is great because it supports a wide range of file types. It also has all of the basic video editing features that you need. However, it won’t let you edit the audio. There is a slight learning curve in using this app. You may find it annoying, but you’ll be up and rolling in no time.

2. HitFilm

Want to add special effects to your videos? Then you need to check out HitFilm with its over 180 special effects that you can apply to your video. The app has an insanely steep learning curve. However, the makers know this and offer countless video tutorials for you to watch. There’s also an upgraded version, but it’s costly. You’ll want to be sure you’re ready to commit before making an expensive payment upfront.

3. InShot

The simplicity of this automotive video editing app is its strength. You won’t find fancy editing features, and there’s no desktop version of this app. If you want special editing features, there’s a paid version. This app is ideal for someone who wants to streamline the video-making process or who is a beginner at making videos. One frustrating quality of this app is that the free version puts a watermark on your video.

4. KineMaster

If you’re the creative type that loves filters, emojis, and stickers, you’ll want to check out KineMaster. This powerful video editing app lets you add infinite layers. This means you can add as much audio, images, text, and overlays as your heart desires. Once you have created the perfect video, you can share it directly on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The catch to this awesome app is that you’ll need to pay if you want full access to all of the app’s awesome features.

5. Machete Video Editor Lite

This Windows-only program is simple and user-friendly. You can do the basic functions of cut, copy, and paste through the intuitive user interface. What’s nice about this editing app is that you don’t lose video quality when making your videos. Because the app doesn’t re-encode your clips, you don’t lose quality as you edit. The biggest problem with this app is the limited video types that it supports.

6. PowerDirector

If you’re an Android user, this powerful automotive video editing app could be what you’re looking for. It lets you create stunning videos in 4K for the best quality videos. It comes with some nice extra features that you won’t find in other video apps, such as video stabilization, collages, and motion tracking. Even better is that it offers a ton of features in its free version, so you may not need to pay. The only drawback is that the app can be buggy, but this shouldn’t be anything new as an Android user.

7. Splice

The term splice refers to taking multiple clips and putting them together to create a collage or montage. This app has a large music library, which is nice for giving your video a custom touch. The app is really intuitive, so you’ll be able to download and start using it quickly with a minimal learning curve. The downside is that you’ll pay for the convenience with a steep user fee. You also have to pay if you want access to the coolest effects.

Automotive Video Editing Apps

8. VideoShow

This award-winning app has over 400 users, and with good reason. You can add sound effects, music, voiceovers, text, filters, and stickers. This is perfect for branding your automotive business. If you want to start a vlog about cars, this is a solid app for your video production.

9. VSDC Free Video Editor

If you know what you are doing and have extensive experience with video editing, then consider this app. You’ll appreciate all of the premium features that are available through the free version. You can also cut out several steps by sharing directly to social media. However, this is not an app for beginners, as it will has a steep learning curve.

10. WeVideo

This is a cloud-based system, which makes it one of the most convenient automotive video editing apps because you can access your videos from anywhere. There is a free and paid version, with obviously, the paid version has better editing features, resolution, and storage capacity. The watermark also gets removed with the paid version. One standout feature of this automotive video editing option is that you can export your videos in 4K.

Start Making Better Auto Videos

With the help of one or more of these automotive video editing apps, you’ll be able to start making eye-catching videos. You’ll also need written content to go with your shiny new videos. I can help you create engaging content to pair with your videos.

Let’s chat about how we can create great content that forms the basis for your engaging video content. 

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