10 Best Motorcycle Video Editing Apps

10 Best Motorcycle Video Editing Apps

The amount of video marketing people are watching has doubled since 2018. In addition, 86% of businesses use some form of video as a part of their marketing efforts. Unlike some other industries, the motorcycle industry is perfect for using video in its marketing. You could produce how-to and informative articles that feature your products or service or make attention-grabbing action shots that are perfect for generating interest on social media. These motorcycle video editing apps are perfect for helping you make professional-quality videos.

What to Look For in the Best Video Editing Apps

One thing you’ll quickly learn is that every video editing app offers different features and tools. These become more varied when the solution is free or has a paid premium upgrade. Often, you’ll find that there are some basic free video editing features, and then you have to pay for the good stuff. It’s smart to know what features you need, as a particular app may offer everything you need for free, and the paid features are irrelevant.

When comparing to possible apps, look at the usability of each. Some offer tutorials for its editing tools, which make overcoming the learning curve for a particular video maker easier.

Aspect Ratio

One of the most important features of motorcycle video editing apps is the ability to choose the aspect ratio for the platform on which you intend to post your video. The aspect ratio is the dimensions of the video. In other words, the size and shape of the video. 

Video Scrubbing

You need to be able to manually move through the video as you work on it. The ability to move your cursor through the video is called scrubbing. This lets you pinpoint the exact moment where you want to make an edit without having to repeatedly play through the video from the start.

Edit Options

At the very least, your motorcycle video editing apps should let you add music and text. The more editing features there are, the more freedom you have to be creative. However, you’re making videos for your motorcycle business, so pick a theme and style and stick with it. In reality, most people use a few features and never touch the vast majority of them.

Export Quality

Once you make your video, you’ll want to export it so that you can use it. Some apps force you to directly export the video to your chosen platform. This can limit your use of the video. Others let you download the video but limit its quality. Export quality can range from 480p to 4K. You don’t want to go any lower than 480p, though.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you aren’t ready for Adobe Premiere Pro, then this is a much easier-to-use free alternative. This convenient app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can easily set the video to music using the Adobe Rush library or add your own music. Once you add music, you can make edits to your video. Trim a long video, add multiple clips to a single video, and move clips around. Finish your video by adjusting the lighting and speed. You can easily share your completed video to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Once you get comfortable using the app and decide you want more features, there is a paid version available. The upgrade offers more editing features, increased storage capacity, and higher quality video exports. 

2. Blender

This video editor may be beyond what the average user needs. However, it’s perfect for those looking to do more than just edit motorcycle videos. This open-source software offers a 3D animation suite, which is perfect for modeling and rendering your concept gear or products. You could use it to show customers what your parts would look like on different bikes. The video editing features have an impressive number of options, helping you create professional-looking motorcycle videos. There are 32 slots for video clips, so you can make short to long videos.

3. Hyperlapse

This quick video editing app is developed by Instagram for video creation to post on Facebook and Instagram. Unlike other traditional video editing apps, this app takes your video and condenses it into a hyper-speed video, hence the name. The features are fairly basic, just choose the speed that you want the video condensed down to. Roughly, a 40-second video will be reduced to about 7 seconds. This app won’t be your primary video editing solution. However, it’s perfect for turning your longer motorcycle ride videos into a condensed few seconds. You can also create some cool effects by speeding up longer videos that might lose your audience’s interest.

4. Lightworks

This is one of the more advanced video editing software solutions on this list. There is a free and pro version, with the pro version being quite expensive. Don’t feel like you need to cough up the cash to have a quality video editing option, though. The free version comes with an impressive number of features. This software was used in the making of Hollywood films, so you’re sure to have everything you could ever want for creating stunning motorcycle videos.

5. Magisto

This video editing app is owned by Vimeo, the video hosting website. It breaks down the content creation process into three easy steps. First, choose a style. Second, choose your pictures or video. Third, pick your music. The software has an intuitive AI that helps you generate cohesive videos. While there is a free version, you could upgrade to a paid version that gives you more robust features. The paid version also lets you make longer videos and removes the watermarks.

6. PicPlayPost

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have two videos that play at the same time? For example, you may aftermarket motorcycle parts and want to make videos that explain how to install or troubleshoot them. This app lets you make one video that has two videos playing simultaneously. The video on the right could be a close-up shot of someone working on a bike while the video on the left could be you explaining what is going on and how someone can follow along at home while working on their own bike. If you have customer or follower generated content, create a video collage of user-created content.

7. Quik

As motorcycle riders, we all know the convenience of GoPro and other action cameras to capture breathtaking shots while riding. What do you do with your footage to turn it into usable content? This video editing software was developed by GoPro to give you a quick and easy solution for editing your riding footage. It can do some cool video edits that make your riding shots stand out, like time-lapse, hyper-lapse, and panoramic.

8. Shotcut

This is another open-source video editing software. It’s totally free and can make professional-quality videos. It has all of the features that you would expect and can export high quality videos. The only problem with it is that it was originally designed for Linux, which makes it less user-friendly for Windows and macOS users. If you don’t mind the clunky interface and time required to learn how to use the software, then you’ll like this option.

9. VivaVideo

If you’re looking to make quick, professional-looking videos for your social media content, then this app is a great option. It has a user-friendly interface and comes pre-loaded with all of the trendy filters. It also has basic video editing features like merge, speed, and trim. You can use the lenses to record directly in the app. The downside of this app is that it isn’t ideal for making longer videos. There is a limit of five minutes for video length.

10. Wondershare Filmora

This video editing app is perfect for someone looking for an app that can grow with them. Maybe you’re a beginner at video editing or have a new motorcycle business. Start with the “Easy Mode” that streamlines everything. Then as you get better, upgrade your videos with the Effect Store and create more elaborate videos. The only major drawback of this software is that you have to get the paid version if you want the watermarked removed. If you want professional looking videos, you need to remove the watermark.

Try These Motorcycle Video Editing Apps

As you can see, you have several options for making professional quality motorcycle videos that go beyond the standard and well known Apple iPhone and Mac imovie and Final Cut, PowerDirector, Microsoft movie maker, or GoPro studio. It’s time to bring your motorcycle marketing into modern times with rich videos that bring your audience in. Add transitions, splice, voiceovers, slow motion, stickers, and other special effects. You may find that you need more than one of these motorcycle online video editing apps. Some are ideal for making quick videos for social media, while others are better for making YouTube videos, and yet others are best for making promotion videos to feature on your website. 

Let’s chat about how we can create great content that forms the basis for your engaging video content. 

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