10 Must Have Tools for Working Remotely for Your Automotive Business

10 Must Have Tools for Working Remotely for Your Automotive Business

10 Must Have Tools for Working Remotely for Your Automotive Business #workfromhome #automotive #productivity #worktools
10 Must Have Tools for Working Remotely for Your Automotive Business #workfromhome #automotive #productivity #worktools

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With your team working from home, you need a way to stay organized to keep your automotive business on track. If you sell automotive parts, this can become more complicated as your team needs to manage both productivity projects, product development, and inventory. While you may not need all of these, these ten subscriptions address different challenges that your team faces when working remotely.

Check out these ten must-have solutions when creating a productive remote system for your automotive business.

1. Podio

Organize your tasks with Podio by integrating it with Dropbox, GOTOMEETING, Excel, Google Drive, email, and so much more. You can share files with team members from anywhere.

Podio lets you manage your tasks and assign them to others as you each work together to move closer to your project finish line. You can even take Podio with you on your mobile device.

There are four different pricing plans for you to choose from. Then you’ll have the option of paying month to month or annually for a slight discount.

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $9monthly/ $7 monthly charged annually
  • Plus: $14 monthly/ $11.20 monthly charged annually
  • Premium: $24 monthly/ $19.20 monthly charged annually
  • Help!: customized plan

2. Meistertask

If you like the Kanban-style of Trello, but need a bit more, then look at Meistertask. It’s a clean and simple dashboard but comes with more team collaboration ability than Trello. It also comes with mobile apps to let help you stay organized no matter where you are.

One stand out feature is the ability to seamlessly switch from your old project management system to your new one. Meistertask offers direct import options from Wunderlist, Asana, and Trello.

Another unusual feature is that there is a free subscription option. If you need to manage more, there are Pro and Business options.

  • Basic: free
  • Pro: $8.25
  • Business: $20.75

3. Kissflow

This project management tool is designed to let team members be more active in the management of their project flows. Any team member can create automated processes, handle case flow, collaborate on tasks, and build project boards.

The system is adaptable to a wide variety of industries, so no matter what sector your automotive business falls into, you’ll be able to make Kissflow work for you.

There are only three account levels, and they can be quite pricey when compared to other services on this list. It’s best suited for well established companies.

  • Starter: $480 a month for 30 users
  • Growing: $690 a month for 50 users
  • Enterprise: $1,300 a month for 100 users.

4. Workplace By Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is way more than just a social media platform? If you do a lot of business on Facebook or are accustomed to communicating through it, then their workplace may be the ideal addition to your work from home plan.

The workplace uses the already familiar look and feel of the social media platform to create a collaboration space for remote working. There’s live video, chats, and rooms. It also integrates into your current systems, including Google Drive, Ping, Azure, and Okta.

There are three account levels to choose from. While there’s a free version, it’s quite limited in features. If this is something you’re seriously going to use, it’s best to commit to a paid account.

  • Essential: Free!
  • Advanced: $4 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $8 per user per month

5. Glip

If you need a way for your team to stay in better contact while not in the office, then Glip can help. This collaboration app lets you group video chat, manage tasks, and message.

What’s really nice about this app is that it combines communication and document sharing. This lets your team collaborate not only in communication but also in work. It can also integrate with your other systems, including Google Drive and Box.

There are two plans to choose from, one of them being free! The main difference between them is the amount of video conferencing time you have per month.

  • Free: Free! -500 total min per month
  • Standard: $5- 1,000 min per user per month

6. Todoist

This is the ultimate task management system. It lets you create projects, tasks, and notes. You can upload files, set reminders, and flag important things.

What’s really nice is that you can quickly add tasks. That way, you spend less time managing your project management system. You can also set up recurring due dates. There’s also task view so you can focus in on what you need to do.

  • Free: Free!
  • Premium: $3 per month billed annually
  • Business: $5 per user per month billed annually

7. Mindmeister

If you’re a visual person, you’ll like the way Mindmeister displays your projects and tasks. You can create highly organized projects that are also displayed in stunning presentations.

You can take notes, brainstorm, plan, manage meetings, and organize your ideas. You can also customize the design to make the system your own.

The free option is the most basic, but if you’re working on your own, then it’ll be good enough. If your automotive business is growing, then the pro or business accounts may be the better option.

  • Basic: Free!
  • Personal: $4.99 per month
  • Pro: $8.25 per month
  • Business: $12.49 per month

8. Doodle

Trying to schedule a meeting is hard enough when everyone is in the office. The task becomes almost impossible when everyone is working from home. Meetings are a part of your automotive business, though. Doodle takes the struggle out of scheduling meetings by eliminating the back and forth emails and juggling time zones.

  • Starter: $4.49 monthly for one user
  • Pro: $5.99 monthly for one user
  • Team: $30 monthly for 5 users
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

9. 1Password

You should have different passwords for all of your accounts. This will give you the greatest amount of security. But trying to remember all of those passwords is a huge pain.

This password service will help you keep all of your passwords organized. Plus, it’ll give you access to all of your passwords no matter where you are. This makes working from home easier.

Personal and Family Accounts

  • 1Password: $2.99 per month
  • 1Password Families: $4.99 per month

Teams and Business Accounts

  • Teams: $3.99 monthly per user
  • Business: $7.99 monthly per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

10. Confluence

Do you have several different teams or departments that need to be able to communicate and work together? Then Confluence can help improve communication and collaboration.

What’s really nice about this platform is that it comes with several templates. This makes setting up your workspace faster and easier. It can also seamlessly integrate with Slack, Trello, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

There are three subscription levels, which lets you scale up as your business grows. It’s based on team size, so you’ll be forced to buy a package that fits your company size.

  • Free: Free! (up to 10 users)
  • Standard: $5 monthly per user (11-100 users)
  • Premium: $10 monthly per user (1-100 users)

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