10 Must Have Tools for Working Remotely for Your Motorcycle Business

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10 Must Have Tools for Working Remotely for Your Motorcycle Business

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You don’t have to be in an office to make your motorcycle business a success. You can work from home and stay productive. The trick is having the right tools at your fingertips to help you stay organized and productive. While not every business will need all ten of these tools, they’re a great start to resolving the challenges you face when working remotely. So check out these ten solutions for being more productive and organized while working from home.

1. Basecamp

While other project management tools are meant for keeping workers organized, Basecamp specializes in assisting remote teams. This is key as it can track schedules, meetings, assignments, documents, and project statuses. The dashboard for Basecamp is clean and intuitive. This means you’ll have a small learning curve as you switch your team over.

You can try Basecamp for free, and then after the trial, you’ll have two plans to choose from, Basecamp Business or Basecamp Personal. The personal option is noticeably limited, but it comes with one big advantage, it’s free.

2. Wrike

You’ll find that most project management systems work well for smaller teams. They tend to get convoluted and complicated when your team gets too large. That’s when Wrike steps in to save the day. It has extra tools that are designed for managing the workload of larger teams, such as Gantt charts and workload view.

Wrike also allows you to create assignment rules. This will automate a lot of the project management process for you. This will reduce mistakes and improve your overall production. Start with the free trial, and then you’ll need to pick one of two plan options or create your own custom plan.

3. Scoro

Scoro combines all of your project apps into one place. This lets you manage projects, track schedules, manage accounting, CRM, and reporting all in one place. Everything about your projects from start to finish can get managed through this single tool.

What’s nice about Scoro is that you can do everything in one place. This makes it stand above and beyond many of the other project management tools. There are four levels of accounts available, and the one you pick will depend on the needs of your motorcycle business.

4. Skype

Sometimes the best way to communicate is face to face. But what do you do when you can’t be face to face in person with someone? Say hello to Skype. This instant messaging and professional chatting tool lets you communicate by text, voice, and video. Individual accounts are free, but if you plan on using it for business, you may want to look at their business accounts. Once you decide to use Skype, it’s compatible with phone, desktop, tablet, web applications, Alexa, and Xbox.

5. FunRetro

If you need a way to collaborate, then FunRetro is a solid solution. You can create boards that are accessible by all team members. While there are easy to use templates, you can also fully customize the boards to suit your needs. Working the system is easy as you move the cards, make notes, and have team voting on cards. There are four levels of accounts that you can choose from. Then you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. The account level you sign up for will depend on how many boards you need.

6. I Done This

Do you find satisfaction in checking things off of your to-do list? Then you’ll love “I Done This”. This application has daily lists of tasks that you need to get done. Then each morning, it will send out status updates to everyone on the team. This is great for holding everyone on the team accountable. It can also provide you with detailed reports for the entire team’s progress over time.

7. Brain.fm

Staying focused while working from home is a real challenge. But using Brain.fm can drown out the background noise and give you the perfect soundtrack to focus on the task at hand. This will enable you to be more productive. The music played is functional music that’s optimized to influence your behavior and get you in the right mental state. There are two subscription options, a monthly and a yearly option.

8. Accelo

Tracking your work time when you’re in the office is easier because if you’re at work, then you’re working. But when you’re at home, it can be tough to track your work hours. It can help to have the right tool to help you track your work time.

Unlike the typical subscription structure that you see on many websites, Accelo’s is based on your needs and not on your volume of work or number of users. So consider what part of your motorcycle business you want to use Accelo for.

9. Confluence

Do you have several different teams or departments that need to communicate and work together? Then Confluence can help improve communication and collaboration. What’s really nice about this platform is that it comes with several templates. This makes setting up your workspace faster and easier. It can also seamlessly integrate with Slack, Trello, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

There are three subscription levels, which lets you scale up as your business grows. It’s based on team size, so you’ll be forced to buy a package that fits your company size.

10. Workfrom

It might be a while before this service becomes really helpful. Workfrom helps you find places to work that aren’t your home or office. If your company decides to embrace the work from home routine, then this will come in handy as businesses and the community begin to open up again. What’s really nice about this service is that you enter your interests, objectives, and work style. Then it takes the guesswork out of finding a place by matching you with the ideal locations. It can also match you with 1 on 1 virtual coffee chats with people relevant to your industry.

You can make an account for free, but they also offer a premium service. The premium service lets you connect with other nearby remote workers and available jobs. You also have access to the community to ask questions and get help. Plus there are several discounts on other products and services that you can get.

Let Me Help Your Motorcycle Business Stay Productive

Managing your motorcycle business can be a challenge when you’re doing it from home. Adding these tools to your daily routine and business management can make the job easier. But apps and websites can only take you so far. Sometimes, you need to get some outside help to reduce your workload. That’s where I can help. By letting me take care of your content production, you can focus on your motorcycle business. With my experience and skill, you can have confidence that your content production is in good hands.

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