7 benefits of buyer personas for your Interior Design Business

benefits of buyer personas

7 benefits of buyer personas for your Interior Design Business

Creating and developing buyer personas sounds like a tedious task, but it’s one that necessary to improve your marketing efforts. There are also many benefits of buyer personas that can help you grow your interior design business.

1. Understand Your Customers 

Everyone thinks they know who their customers are. However, this perception is often skewed and inaccurate. People let their own perceptions and views skew their interpretation of the data. Taking the time to do the research to create your buyer personas can give you better insight and understanding of your customers. Who you think they are may not be who your the majority of your clients are.

2. Better Create More Effective Content 

Spending endless hours creating content doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get more website traffic, leads, and clients. What you need is content that’s optimized to be as effective as possible. Buyer personas give you an avatar that you can picture, like a real life person that you can imagine in your mind that you are speaking to. This helps you create more effective content. 

Increased Efficiency 

Creating great content and marketing materials takes time, money, and resources. So reducing waste and increasing effectiveness is crucial. This helps you get more for your efforts and enjoy a better ROI. 

Overcome Objections 

What are some of the common reasons a potential clients decides to not use your services? It could be the cost, difference in design aesthetic, or anything else. When you define your buyer personas, you will also be able to identify common objections within each persona. Now you can directly address those objections before potential clients have a chance to object. This will encourage potential clients to hire your interior design services that wouldn’t otherwise.

Better Interdepartmental Collaboration 

If you have a larger firm, you may have more than one department or person working for you. However, this also applies for those who work independently as an individual. Buyer personas create connections between these different departments to improve collaboration. For example, if a common objection is the cost and payment process, then you can easily improve your process to address this objection. Without buyer persona insights, you wouldn’t know about this issue or have the ability to correct it. 

benefits of buyer personas

3. Speak to Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

There are five basic phases of the marketing funnel, awareness, interest, desire, action, and loyalty. At any given time, there are people in all of these phases that may want to hire interest design services. People move through the marketing funnel to eventually employ an interior designer. Along the way, people drop off, hence the funnel shape. As a business owner, your goal is to get as many people through the funnel as possible. This means creating marketing and content that speaks directly to people in each phase of the marketing funnel. This helps move people from their current phase to the next one. 

When you have buyer personas, you can create a potential buyer’s journey through the marketing funnel. That way, you can create marketing content for each phase of the funnel that speaks to that buyer persona. If you have multiple buyer personas, you can then create content for each persona’s journey through the marketing funnel. 

4. Identify Negative Target Personas 

Despite what all business owners want, not everyone will be your customer. This is especially true for interior designers. Your ideal client is someone who you can connect with and who appreciates your design aesthetic. This means that there are negative buyer personas. These are people that will never hire your design firm, no matter how targetted or effective your marketing is. Negative buyer personas allow you to identify these anti-customers so that you don’t waste time, money, and effort on them. 

5. Prioritize Ideal Leads 

Now that you know who not to target, you can also know who to target as an ideal customer. These are people that are the most likely to hire your interior design firm. When you identify the buyer persona who’s your ideal client, you can target these people. Tailor your marketing to speak directly to these people. This generates the greatest ROI by dedicating your resources to those most likely to hire you. 

6. Brand Consistency Throughout All Marketing 

As an interior designer, you need to develop a brand for your interior design firm. This helps you stand out from the crowd and attract the ideal client. This means it’s crucial that you develop a consistent marketing message across all of your marketing and branding efforts. Using buyer personas helps you do this. When you have a buyer persona, you can post it up and take a look at it every time you create some new marketing materials. 

7. Better Product Development 

If you want your business to have long-term success, you need to invest in product development. This helps you improve your product and service offerings or expand your product line. This translates to long term healthy growth. While the main focus of your business is to offer interior design services, you’ll want to eventually expand the business. Perhaps you offer design services for a new target buyer persona. Or you develop product offerings that can enhance the lives of your customers. 

benefits of buyer personas

When you have well defined buyer personas, you can develop deeper relationships. This helps you better understand the needs and wants of your customers. Now you can develop your design firm to suit those needs. This ensures that your business develops with the changing interior design market. For example, your design firm is known for creating Pinterest worthy modern farmhouse designs. This is great when everyone wants this. However, trends change, and soon, this will no longer be what everyone wants. When you have buyer personas, you can change your focus as trends change. This keeps your business relevant and prevents it from looking outdated or old. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Buyer Personas for Your Interior Design Business 

As you can see, there are many benefits for creating buyer personas for your interior design business. Now you can optimize your marketing efforts to target those who are most likely going to hire your interior design firm. This generates more leads and improves your ROI. 

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