Alpinestars Riding Shoes Review: Stella Sektor Attractive and Comfortable

Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes

Alpinestars Riding Shoes Review: Stella Sektor Attractive and Comfortable

I’ve tried on several Alpinestars boots over the years, and many left me feeling less than thrilled. They make a great boot for track day or aggressive sport bike riding. However, they weren’t ideal for my intended purpose. I wanted a shoe or boot that was comfortable while riding and walking around. I finally found that in the Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes. These slim shoes give me more protection than other motorcycle riding shoes but are more comfortable than motorcycle boots. Let’s dive in and talk about the pros and cons in this Alpinestars riding shoes review.

This review is purely based on my experience with the product as a result of an unsolicited purchase. I will not profit from you clicking the link, heading to the website, and making your own purchase.


Alpinestars, a renowned name in the motorcycle industry, has built a solid reputation over decades for its exceptional quality and innovative products. Established in 1963, the company has a rich history in motorcycle gear manufacturing. Alpinestars is often associated with premium pricing, but its products are known for their top-notch quality, durability, and cutting-edge technology. Their dedication to rider safety and performance has made them a trusted choice for motorcyclists worldwide. Whether it’s protective gear, riding apparel, or accessories, Alpinestars consistently sets industry standards, making it a brand of choice for those who prioritize both style and safety on the road.

The Specs

  • Size: EU- 37-45, US 5-11.5
  • Style: short motorcycle shoe
  • Color: black/white, black/pink
  • Waterproof membrane lining
Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes, alpinestars riding shoes review

Safety and Protection 

Let’s start this conversation by acknowledging that these are not motorcycle boots. The safety issue is a hill that gear purists some to want to die on. They are technically correct. Motorcycle shoes are not as protective as boots. However, not everyone wants to wear full-fledged motorcycle boots every time they ride. So, some protection is better than no protection. This is where motorcycle shoes come in. 

I have another pair; the Fly Racing M16 waterproof motorcycle riding shoes. These from AlpineStars are more protective than those. They are also lighter and feel less bulky. However, the Fly shoes have a more street style while the AlpineStars are more moto style. Those shoes aren’t without any protection. They are Cat 2 CE certified to EN 13634:2017.

There’s a lateral TPR ankle protector and a shank in the sole. The outer material on the upper is high abrasion resistance. There’s reinforcement on the toe box to act as a slider. Sure. If this is an important feature for you, pony up the money and get the more protective boots. So it won’t last forever, but at least it’s better than your Nikes. 

There are also some reflective bits on the heel and eyelets. AlpineStars claims this is to improve visibility. Whatever you want to believe. I’ve never seen a rider at night by the reflective bits on his boots, gloves, or helmet. 

Cool Features 

  • Replaceable anatomical EVA footbed with Lycra lining on top
  • waterproof membrane
  • External TPR material at the toe helps to reinforce against abrasion.
Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes

If you want some more colorway options, check out the men’s version. Same shoe, new colors. 

My Experience With These Motorcycle Riding Shoes

So I wear a size 10 in women’s shoes. This rarely wavers. These shoes run large, and I’m happily wearing a size 9. So, plan to order down to get the right fit. I wear tall socks inside all of my motorcycle riding shoes or boots. However, I could totally get away with wearing shorties in these. The inside is a super soft microfiber that felt like a warm, soft teddy bear hug on my feet and ankles. 

It did take me a while to get used to walking in them. I guess I don’t put my feet down flat and centered. My off-kilter walking did not like the narrowed sole at the heel. My feet kept feeling like my ankle was going to roll outward. However, I was fine after getting used to it and correcting my walk. The amount of flexibility in the shoes is really nice. The sole is a grippy rubber that made me feel confident my feet would never slide out from under me. 

If you want a shoe/boots with a low profile and more protection, check out the Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots. I took pictures of my Stella Sektor motorcycle riding shoes next to my husband’s SMX-1 R short motorcycle boots. They are the same size boots, and you can see that mine are longer. While my husband’s have subtle differences that give more protection. Look at the outer foot. Mine have a patch, while his have a slider. His have more padding and a higher profile around the ankle and in the back. Finally, his have more protection on the heel cup.

Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes
Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes

The Pros

As soon as I put the Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes on, I found them to be comfortable. I strutted around the store, flexing my feet and ankles. The support in the sole is nice. I would be happy to wear these walking around a bike rally all day. I like that these have a less aggressive moto style than some of the other AlpineStars boots. Like motorcycle-light. I’m not usually a fan of lacing, but I found these quick and easy to tighten and loosen. The toe box is slim, but my toes don’t feel cramped. 

The Cons

It’s an endless struggle. You either get ventilation or waterproofing, never both. This is because there is a waterproof membrane that helps gear to be waterproof. However, that same membrane is what stops airflow to keep you cool. I didn’t find the lack of breathability to be an issue while wearing them in North Carolina. However, these shoes did get warm when wearing them in Florida. 

I also found the lack of colorways to be rather disappointing. There are only two options: pink and white. I do not like pink. So my only option was to buy the white and black shoes or check out the men’s version. The shoes also have an unusual heel width. It isn’t bad, but it took some getting used to. The heel is a bit narrow, so while walking, I found my foot wanting to rock left and right. 

Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes

The Verdict: Alpinestars Riding Shoes Review

After doing this Alinestars riding shoes review, I’m in love with these shoes. The Alpinestars Stella Sektor WP Shoes are so comfortable I would wear them when I’m not riding. I like the cut down on the back to give my ankle a better range of motion while walking. I like the feel of the synthetic material upper. I love the cushioning in the sole. While riding, I totally forget I am wearing them. They are so lightweight, it’s wonderful. However, they still give my ankles support and protection, 

Perforated Version

If you are like me, you eventually give up on women’s gear and venture over to the men’s gear. It’s the same stuff but with slightly different sizing and a lot more color options. While I don’t buy men’s in everything, shoes are an easy switch. If you like the Alpinestars Stella shoes for women, check out the Alpinestars Sektor for men. There is a ventilated version that makes riding in hot weather more comfortable for your feet. They are essentially the same boot but with perforation detailing throughout. 

Comments on Other Reviews 

You will see a lot of Alpinestars riding shoe reviews online. Some of them you should listen to. Others have no clue what they are talking about. 

“Love the look. Love the fit. I stayed true to size and the fit prefect. Only thing I didn?t like was that they have laces. This is my first motorcycle riding shoe so next time I?ll look out for shoes without laces.”

This is a fair comment but does not speak to the quality or function of the shoes. I do not have a preference for laces or not laces. As long as the shoes fit, I’m good. However, some people have some strong opinions about laces or no laces. If you feel strongly one way or the other, then these may or may not be the boots for you. What I like about these shoes is the protective strap. Once you tie your laces, affix the Velcro strap over them.

This strap does a few things. One, it helps contain the laces. That way,’ they don’t come untied while you are riding. It also holds them in place so they don’t get tied up in your bike controls. Learn from my experience. Having your laces get caught up in the shifter so that your foot can’t move is scary. Especially when you are doing 75 mph.

“These shoes feel too bulky. They’re not comfortable I’ve had them for 6 months and worn them twice. I don’t know if I would spend money again on motorcycle street shoes. I’d rather just wear some vans or nikes. I know motorcycle riding shoes have special protection, but I’d rather feel comfortable in shoes that I can feel everything in versus trying to feel what’s going on because the shoe is too thick. I tried Dainese’s as well and was even more unimpressed. They got returned immediately.”

This person doesn’t know what they are talking about and has created a misleading Alpinestars riding shoes review. These are some of the slimmest-feeling shoes I’ve ever worn. They also claimed they weren’t impressed by one of the more reliable sport bike gear manufacturers in the industry (Dainese). However, this person also said they would prefer to wear vans or nikes. That says everything you need to know. They are also comparing motorcycle riding shoes with fashion sneakers. These are two very different categories of shoes. That’s like saying your platform heels are clunkier than your ballet flats. Of course, they are! 

“Very comfortable shoes on the bike and walking around. Love how casual they look. As others stated these are long, so better to size down. I normally wear 7 to 7.5. The 6.5 fit perfectly. Only downside which is expected since these are WP/synthetic: They are not well ventilated, so my feet do get a little smelly after wearing for awhile. So just be aware of that if you have to take your shoes off near other people.” 

This Alpinestars riding shoes review sounds like someone who has experience with riding and buying gear. They are accurate in their statements that the boots run large, aren’t well-ventilated, and have a casual style.

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