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Whether you’re in the business to sell vehicles or parts, you need to speak with passion. When I write, I bring a personal love of cars to my writing. It’s time you took your auto content marketing to the next level. Let me help you grow your business by creating a custom-tailored content strategy plan.

To successfully grow your business online, you need to have a solid SEO strategy in place. I can help you with this. With consistent blogging, you develop a brand voice and become an authoritative source.

Benefits of Automotive Content Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness
Build Loyal Relationships
Better Conversion Rate
Establish and Build Trust
Improve SEO Performance
Establish Industry Authority
Increase Engagement
Lead Generation
Social Media Traction

Types of Auto Content Marketing

Blog Posts

Having a blog on your website helps boost your SEO by generating new and useful content for your website. This is your chance to establish authority, build trust, and provide the answers that your customers are looking for.

How-to Guides

Showing your customers how to use your product is imperative to build trust and confidence. This is an interactive way to let potential customers test-drive your product or service. It also answers common questions that current customers have.

Case Studies

Using case studies lets you leverage your current customers to educate your potential customers. Leads that visit your website can see for themselves how your business benefits your current customers. It also strengthens your current client relationships.


Think of this as a long-form blog but shorter than a novel. This is your chance to go in-depth with those who are interested. You’ll develop authority by providing unique and valuable information.


While whitepapers are long like an eBook, they are dense with detailed data. These speak to the data-minded audience who want to see the numbers behind your claims. Whitepapers fulfill the research phase of the funnel.


Not everyone wants to spend time reading several pages of in-depth content. Checklists are the answer. Create to the point content that quickly outlines steps in a process or a list of items.

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Car Industry Content Marketing

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to automotive content marketing. While your business may be in the auto industry, your audience is different from other car-related businesses. How you approach your car content should speak directly to your readers. We take a customized approach to your business so that your content is interesting and engaging for your target audience.

Car Dealerships

A car dealership’s content marketing should speak directly to those looking to purchase a new vehicle. The audience consists of current and future car owners.

The content marketing you produce should convince your audience to trust your auto dealership with their car purchases. It should also cultivate trust, so those buyers bring their car back for ongoing service and repair.

Rental Agencies

A rental car agency’s content marketing should speak directly to those who need to rent a vehicle. This audience is a combination of individuals and businesses who rent vehicles for transportation services.

Because there are two distinct audiences, the content marketing should reflect this. It’s important to diversify the content to speak directly to all of the possible reasons to rent a vehicle.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

An OEM should focus its content marketing on building brand awareness and authority. The content can bolster the trust already felt by consumers. With multiple layers to the possible customer base, the content should be multi-faceted.

Utilizing eBooks, case studies, and whitepapers will be the most effective tools for establishing and growing B2B relationships. How-to guides and blog posts will establish brand awareness.

Aftermarket Equipment Manufacturers

Aftermarket parts suppliers can use content marketing to establish value and generate leads. The content should be engaging with readers to highlight why they should replace the OEM components with aftermarket alternatives.

Consumers modify their vehicles for two reasons: improve looks or performance. Whitepapers are perfect for delving into performance data. Blogs are ideal for showcasing improved looks.

Car Care Services

A company that provides car care services needs to use content marketing to educate the public on what they have to offer. This could be a car wash, detailing, ceramic coating application, painting, or vinyl wraps.

Use a broad variety of content marketing types to ensure you have the broadest reach. This ensures there’s content that speaks to consumers who are in every stage of the marketing funnel.

Repair Shops

A repair shop’s content marketing should focus on establishing trust and local brand awareness. This requires the content to be useful and informative. The goal should be to inspire the reader to bring their vehicle to your shop for maintenance and repair.

Blogs, checklists, and how-to guides will be invaluable. These educate your audience and establishes authority.

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