About 52% of people head to the “About Us” page when they land on a company’s website for the first time. This makes having an About page imperative. Especially when you consider that 75% of consumers admit they judge a business’s credibility based on the quality of their website design and content. What does your automotive company’s About page look like?

If you’re making one of these five mistakes, then you’re sabotaging your business. Compare this guide to your About page and give your auto business credibility.

1. You Just Don’t Have One

It can be tempting to think you can skip having an About page for your automotive company. However, you’re making a big mistake. Today’s consumers want to feel emotionally connected to the companies that they do business with. Not having an About page on your auto company website is like never joining the conversation.

Your About page is your chance to connect with current and potential customers by allowing them to learn more About your company. It’s also an opportunity to develop your SEO strategy by working keywords into your page copy. This helps Google to understand what your website is About and what your company does.

Make Navigation Simple

Don’t make people guess at what might be the About page. There’s a time to be creative, and this isn’t it. Call the page “About” on your website, so visitors don’t have to think too hard when looking for it. Remember, you have a finite amount of time to convince visitors to stay on your page, and frustrating them will guarantee that they leave.

2. The Writing Is Boring

For some reason, when people sit down to write their About page, all of the air gets sucked out of the room. Writer’s block kicks in, and all creativity goes out of the window. The result is dry, boring writing that no one wants to read.

Your About page should reflect your auto company’s personality. Perhaps you have a sleek and sophisticated car dealership. Your About page should be a bit more formal and use refined language.

However, if you have an edgy aftermarket auto parts company, then this should be reflected in the About page writing style. Don’t be afraid to use more informal language. Just be careful not to use sarcasm; it doesn’t always translate well in text.

If it’s appropriate, you can use humor in your About page. Inspiring happiness or laughter in the reader is a good way to encourage them to keep reading.

How to Get Rid of the Dull

If you find that your About page content is dry, then start over from scratch. It’s easier to create content that’s completely new than trying to rework old and tired content.

Write in your brand voice.
Eliminate corporate jargon.
Take the reader on a journey.
Use a variety of media.
Don’t be afraid to show personality.
Automotive Company About Page: 5 Mistakes You're Making

3. Nothing But a Video or Pictures

Rich content is valuable. If you have pictures and videos, then you should definitely include them. However, you also need text website content to work in conjunction with the video.

Suppose someone visits your website while at work or in a public location. They may not be in a position to view your video. If you don’t have any written content, your About page is useless to them.

Another consideration is the length of the video. Many people may not have time to dedicate to watching the whole video to figure out who you are. Give them an alternative method for getting the same information in a quickly digestible method.

4. It’s the Length of a Novel

This mistake goes hand in hand with the previous mistake. There’s telling an engaging story, and then there’s droning on and on as you pen the next War and Peace. You want to pull the reader in and engage them with an interesting storyline.

However, you also want to get to the point. Your origin story will only keep people hooked if it’s incredibly interesting or benefits them somehow.

Automotive Company About Page: 5 Mistakes You're Making

5. It’s All About your Dealership

This concept tends to be confusing for people. Yes, your About page is about your business, but you’re not writing it for yourself. You are writing about your business for your website visitors to read.

Write about your company and its history in a way that relates to the person reading it. Talk about why the reader should be on your website and why they should consider your business. Outline problems you’ve solved, current problems you’re resolving for customers, and how you’re looking to the future.

Highlight the innovative developments you’ve achieved. Explain what makes your business, service, or products different from your competitors. You want the reader to come away from the page thinking that your business is the solution to their problems or needs.

Make your company feel real and relatable by talking about the people behind the brand. Create trust and familiarity by highlighting their experience and dedication.

Get Help With Your Automotive Company About Page

If you’re hitting a mental roadblock with your automotive company’s About page, I can help. I can work with you to create a compelling and engaging About us page that has the perfect balance of text and imagery.

Whether you own a car dealership, repair shop, or produce aftermarket parts, your business has a story. Let’s work together to share that story and start a relationship with your website visitors.

Don’t let your auto company’s About page be an afterthought on your website.