Factors That Influence a Buyer’s Decision to Purchase a Motorcycle

motorcycle buying motivators

Factors That Influence a Buyer’s Decision to Purchase a Motorcycle

I bought a motorcycle and started riding because I was looking for a new hobby, and my dad rode. Buying a motorcycle allowed me to have an activity that we enjoyed doing together. My reasons are not unique, as many people buy their first motorcycle because of their desire to find a new hobby or feel a sense of community with others. Understanding motorcycle buying motivators will help you craft content that speaks directly to your target audience of potential motorcycle buyers.

motorcycle buying motivators

Motorcycle Fuel Economy 

The current changing economy, inflation, and rising fuel costs are all factors that have pushed many new riders into buying their first motorcycle. It is simply an economic decision that reduces their daily commute costs. For these people, financial factors are the most important. 

Content for Financially Motivated Buyers 

You need to focus on the data when creating content for financially-minded buyers. These are people who want to see the dollars and cents. While they may appreciate a nice-looking motorcycle, they will ultimately buy the motorcycle that makes the most sense for their wallet. They probably aren’t going to finance beyond their means. They aren’t going to be swayed by fancy features and extras. So instead, focus on functionality and practicality. 

motorcycle buying motivators

Motorcycle Riding Is a Fun Hobby 

Some riders want a hobby that allows them to get out of the house and enjoy an activity. Motorcycle riding gives them something to do that gets them out into the fresh air while also not requiring them to play sports. It’s a flexible hobby that allows people to enjoy it in the time that they have available, be it 30 minutes or an entire weekend. As they ride, they face new challenges that allow for developing skills and confidence. 

Content for Experience Motivated Buyers 

People that want a hobby will engage with content that focuses on the experience. Focus on writing about routes they could ride, events, and lifestyles. Help potential buyers to visualize themselves living with a motorcycle. The best way to do this is with pictures, videos, and written content. 

motorcycle buying motivators

Motorcycle Owners Feel a Sense of Community 

There is a sense of community that comes with riding a motorcycle. You can head out by yourself for a solo ride and end up making friends with other riders. Here in Florida, bikes are always on the road, so the sense of community is strong. When I started riding, riders tended to stick to those who rode a similarly styled bike. Sportbike riders with other sport bike riders, Harley riders with other Harley riders. These days, this self-division isn’t as strong. You can easily see small groups of riders where everyone is on a different bike style. 

Content for Community Motivated Buyers 

Create a sense of community for potential buyers by creating an online community. A simple approach is to encourage people to comment and share your content. Give people a place to interact and engage with other riders virtually. Highlight events that you host or attend. Create content that features other riders and their stories. 

Sense of Thrill and Adrenaline 

There is no denying that motorcycle riding brings a sense of thrill that gets the adrenaline pumping through your veins. How much of a thrill a rider wants will lead them towards a particular type of bike. Sport bikes tend to attract those looking for the most adrenaline rush. These bikes have powerful engines and are built for fast acceleration and high speed.  Performance is one of the strongest motorcycle buying motivators for those looking to buy a sport bike. 

Content for Thrill Motivated Buyers

Try to immerse the reader in the thrill of riding motorcycles. Content that pulls the reader in and gets their heart pumping is one way to do this. The writing needs to have little passive voice and be action-verb-heavy. Tell a story that pulls the reader in. Use suspenseful writing tactics that leave the reader hanging, encouraging them to stay engaged if they want to know the rest. Lean towards dramatic imagery and videos with more intense music and editing techniques. 

motorcycle buying motivators

Motorcycle Riding Has a Cool Factor 

Motorcycles have always had a cool guy image. It is one of the strongest and most common motorcycle buying motivators. Of course, we have Hollywood movies to thank for this. From the 1950s on, motorcycles have been ridden by guys who don’t follow the rules and aren’t limited by society’s standards. This cool guy image has evolved over the years, and today motorcycles still evoke this feeling of being cool. Today, you will see doctors, lawyers, high school math teachers, and accountants all riding motorcycles. They shed their boring everyday personas and throw on a leather jacket and boots. Once on a bike, you don’t know which is which. 

Content for Image Motivated Buyers

People that buy a motorcycle because they want to look cool care about what others think of them. Appeal to this desire for an image by showing people what they could be. Focus on creating an image with your content. Play into their sense of image with looks and design. This applies to both the rider and the motorcycle. Use vocabulary and terms that personify the motorcycle.

motorcycle buying motivators

Desire to Own the Latest and Greatest 

This reason tends to apply to motorcycle owners more than beginners looking to buy their first bike. Typically, these are people who desire to own the latest and greatest. You see them browsing the new models each year, looking for something that’s exciting. For some, it is about the latest model with desirable improvements. For others, it is about a completely new model that a manufacturer just released after teasing with a prototype. 

Content for Early Adopter Motivated Buyers 

Creating content for early adopters will probably be one of the easier tasks on this list. Simply produce content that highlights the latest and greatest of a particular model. Get into the nitty-gritty details of innovative technology, performance, and creator comforts. These people want to know they have a bike no one else has. The features are state-of-the-art and worthy of bragging about to other riders. 

Motorcycle Owners Have a Desire for Adventure 

There is a sense of adventure that comes with riding a motorcycle. You can venture out on your own or in a group. Ride for miles into the great unknown and see the vast beauty of the American countryside. Then there are the adventure bikes that take this a step further by going off the road. People that want adventure are looking for a different type of thrill than an adrenaline rush. They are looking to have one-of-a-kind experiences and to make memories. 

Content for Adventure Motivated Buyers 

Appeal to these people by focusing on the adventure that comes with motorcycle riding. Most people will never actually take that cross-country trip, but that doesn’t mean they want to admit that. Let them live the fantasy by featuring stories about other riders going on a great adventure. Create content that focuses on the features of the bike that would be useful for long rides and traveling. 

Speak to Your Target Audience 

As you can see, with each of these motorcycle buying motivators, you should create different content. The takeaway is that you cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach to your content creation. For the most effective marketing, you should create a buyer persona for each of these buyers. Then create content that speaks directly to each of these types of people. While this may require more planning and effort on your part, the benefit is an increase in effectiveness. 

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