Guest Post Submission Guidelines

I am open and interested in working with you to post guest posts! Please note that I will not write your guest post for you. It’s also against Google’s policies to pay for links. If you feel as though your writing and website are a good fit for my audience, then please reach out with your post idea. Below you will find some general guidelines to help you get started.

Writing Guidelines


All articles should be tailored to professionals. These are business owners, executives, and managers. The writing should be approachable for those of varying education and experience levels. Aim for a 6th to 9th grade reading level on Hemingwayapp.com.

Length & Content

All articles should be at least 1,000+ words in length. The content should include a unique view, insight, or actionable advice. The goal should be to educate the reader and give them useful tools to apply to their business. If you include data, please include the reputable source.


Any experience level is welcome. The author should have some connection to one of the industries featured or work in an industry that can be useful to the audience.


Please format your guest post so that it is easy to read. Use headers, lists, bullet points, and short paragraphs. Please see current blog posts for an example of formatting that is accepted.


Please include a short bio that I can include with your guest post! I’m happy to include a link to your social media, website, or service as a part of your bio.


As you can see from my blog, guest post articles should neatly fit into one of these industries: real estate, law, automotive, and motorcycles. I’m also open to posts in logistics and boating.


I’m happy to provide images for your guest post. They will be free use images. If you choose to provide images with your guest post, please ensure and that you have the right to use them. I would also need permission to include them with your post.


The purpose of this blog is to educate the audience. Your guest post should further this goal by providing useful information or educate the reader. I won’t accept articles that are stuffed with self promotion throughout.


Please do not submit guest posts that are already published online or anywhere else. I will submit articles to plagiarism checkers to ensure it is original content.

Please Note

I will correct spelling and grammar errors. To avoid this, you can run it through editing services like Hemmingway and Grammarly.

I try to schedule all approved submitted articles within a week of submission. Please submit your desired date if you have a specific date in mind.

I retain the right to reject submissions or to request that you revise and resubmit to better tailor the article to my audience. (You can also refuse this request!)

I may change the title to better suit my audience and SEO goals. I like to have titles that are about 60 characters in length, or between 8 and 12 words.

I may lightly edit your article to address sentence structure and formatting issues.

By contacting me with your submission, you represent and warrant that your article is your original work and does not contain any objectionable or libelous material.

How to Submit an Article

To submit, please email me at hello@andelmarketing.com with your article attached. I’ll review and respond within 3 business days.

If I don’t feel your article is a good fit for my blog, then I hold no legal right to publish the material. You’re welcome to submit the article elsewhere or publish it on your own site.

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