How to Create Your Law Firm’s About Page
How to Create Your Law Firm’s About Page

How to Create Your Law Firm’s About Page

What does your law firm’s About page look like? Is it the basic run-of-the-mill content that talks about the partner’s, total years of experience, and notable cases? Then there’s a picture of the firm’s attorneys standing together with their arms crossed.

This is boring and overdone, and yet attorneys continue to accept it for their own law firm website. When too many law firms all have the same website content, it becomes white noise. Your firm’s website About page becomes just another in a sea of web pages.

Follow this guide and craft something unique for your law firm.

Don’t be Formulaic or Robotic

As an attorney, you know firsthand how dry and formulaic some types of writing can be. Unfortunately, the content on a law firm’s About page tends to feel and sound just as dry as legal writing. This is what happens when a lawyer tries to write their own website content.

Writing your law firm’s About page isn’t like writing a legal brief. Pretend like your writing a story. Be authentic and reinforce that there are humans behind the website and law firm. Someone unrelated to your law firm should find the writing interesting and want to keep reading.

How to Create Your Law Firm's About Page

Be Memorable

Stand out from the crowd and do something unique. This makes your website and law firm stand out and be memorable. You want the About page to make an impression so that the reader doesn’t immediately forget about your law firm when they close the webpage.

People tend to have a bad opinion of lawyers in general. Your law firm has an uphill battle to create a rapport with a potential client. Especially when you consider that people are far more likely to do business with people they like.

Humanize your law firm by showcasing your lawyers and their team. Talk about more than just their legal experience. This helps potential clients to relate to the attorneys on a personal level and makes them likable. Consider adding a limited amount of personal information.

Focus on the Client

Write your law firm’s about page with your clients in mind. Think about the reasons your clients tell you they decided to hire your firm. Tailor your about page to speak directly to the important decision points. Speak directly to what appeals to potential clients to motivate them to act.

This is also a good place to include testimonials. Requesting reviews from satisfied clients is something you should already be doing for directory websites like AVVO. But did you know you can also have testimonials on your own website. They shouldn’t include specifics, but your clients could talk about your style of representation, communication, and responsiveness.

Tell the readers what your law firm’s practice areas are. This could be family law, criminal defense, estate planning, intellectual property, or personal injury law. Make it easy for prospective clients to request a free consultation by including the firm’s phone number or a contact form.

Make your contact information easy to find. Separate it out under its own header. Include a CTA that encourages people to act. In this situation, your desired action is to submit their information for a consultation. This is also a good place to include links to your law firm’s social media accounts. This helps you connect through different channels.

Tell Your Law Firm’s Story

Your law firm’s story can be a powerful one. Write it in a voice similar to how you would tell the story if you were telling it to a close friend or family member. Avoid tangents that will take readers away from the main plot. Establish trust by sharing your firm’s humble beginnings and how you’ve worked hard to grow. Highlight your commitment to excellence and give examples of hardships you’ve overcome.

How to Create Your Law Firm's About Page

Finish with a Call to Action

What do you want your reader or website visitor to do? Hopefully, it’s to hire your law firm. One of the best ways to make that happen is to tell them what to do.

Finish your About page with a call to action that tells the reader to engage with your website. It needs to be an action statement that’s simple and to the point. Essentially, “do this now”.

Request a free consultation today.

Schedule your attorney meeting now.

Make an appointment with our firm.

These examples are short statements that tell the reader to do a specific task. Each one spells out an action that directly correlates with your law firm cultivating more leads. You can easily track how many people book through your website’s About page with metrics.

Don’t Forget About SEO

The best law firm websites have content that takes search engine optimization (SEO) into consideration. Just like your homepage and other content marketing, your about page is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of search engine optimization. This will help new clients find your website when searching on Google or another search engine.

Work in keywords about your legal services. This will help your website rank better. Take a similar approach here as you do your blogging. You want to use

Make It Attractive

Just like your homepage and landing pages, your about page helps establish your law firm’s first impression. A clean, high-quality, and attractive law firm website design will make for a more pleasant user experience. Lawyer websites that achieve this are more likely to the visitor’s contact information and consultation request.

If you find that your website is lacking or you’re struggling to create a clean design, it helps to start fresh with a new website. This can sound daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Platforms like WordPress make it easy to try out a new site design by previewing different themes.

When choosing your new web design, don’t forget about mobile devices. Your attorney website should look good on all devices. This ensures you’re making a good first impression no matter home someone finds your website.

Write Your Law Firm’s About Page Today

You’re an expert in what you do. Clients trust you because you’re the best with the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively represent them. Shouldn’t you trust the experts with your website content creation and legal marketing strategy?

Writing your About page is a completely different type of writing than legal writing. While you are skilled at crafting legal briefs, writing your About page can leave you stumped. That’s when you need to consult with me.

As a law school graduate, I understand the legal industry and the importance of developing a strong reputation for your law firm. Combine this with my marketing experience, and I have plenty of law firm marketing experience. I’m able to craft the perfect website content for your firm’s website. I can inject the right amount of interest and personality to keep your readers engaged while also remaining professional.

Send me a message and let’s get started on your law firm’s About page.

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