How To: Outsourcing Motorcycle Content Creation

outsourcing motorcycle content creation

How To: Outsourcing Motorcycle Content Creation

Outsourcing motorcycle content creation is not suitable for everyone. It can be a smart approach for the right business to maximize ROI. Working with an agency or freelancers keeps your motorcycle business lean while having access to top talent and industry experts. To get the most from your outsourcing efforts, this how-to guide will walk you through the process from start to finish.

Define Objectives

Why do you want to produce motorcycle content? There are several reasons for you to consider outsourcing motorcycle content creation. 

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Increase social media following 
  • Increase leads 
  • Increase online sales 
  • Define the customer journey 
  • Product education and support  

You need to be able to communicate your objective to the content creation service you hire. It should be a part of a complete conversation that includes identifying your target audience, the type of content you want, and your end goal. Your content service should be able to help set your expectations. 

For example, let’s assume a motorcycle repair shop comes to me and says they want to increase their sales. I would recommend focusing on targeting geographical keywords in their area. I would also target common motorcycle maintenance and repair-related searches that people make. For content subject matter, I would suggest content that addresses common motorcycle maintenance and repair issues. I could also he useful to write about challenging cases or memorable motorcycles that the shop has worked on. A client feature where they highlight a customer with a challenging case could also be good. These content efforts will demonstrate experience and expertise. It will also build trust and authority with the audience. Doing this will encourage the target audience in the area to trust the motorcycle shop with their bikes.

outsourcing motorcycle content creation

Identify Content Needs

Before interviewing freelancers and marketing agencies, you need to know what you need or want. Outsourcing can mean a lot of things and is a broad statement. There are three main objectives that you may want to outsource: motorcycle content strategy creation, content production, or reporting of analytics. Within each of the three categories, there are several subcategories. For example, content production could include writing, graphic design, images, video production, and editing. You could also define your needs by end-use, such as website page content, blog content, social media content, email, or other marketing materials. Knowing what you need ensures that you hire the right outside service. While some large agencies claim to do it all, you may find that smaller, more specialized services offer higher-quality work products. 

Research and Select Providers

Take your time finding the right content supplier. Consider freelancers like me who are specialized professionals. Then, consider agencies that provide a broader suite of services. Look at their portfolio of work, client reviews, and examples of previous work. Interview content providers and follow your gut feeling. If you communicate well with them and they are on the same page as you, then this is a good design. Your motorcycle content provider must understand your brand’s personality and company goals. 

Set Budget and Negotiate Terms

Set a realistic budget for your motorcycle content production. This can be tricky, as you will find content services to fit every budget. However, a word of caution. You get what you pay for when it comes to outsourcing motorcycle content creation. Generally, the cheapest services are not the smartest option. Low-quality services will entice customers with low prices. However, the content quality just isn’t there. It could have spelling and grammar errors. Or it could not comply with your style guide. Or it could not be well-researched. Some of the lowest-quality services outsource their content production to individuals overseas. Then, the content obviously reads like someone who does not speak English wrote it. 

In contrast, an expensive agency is not always the best choice either. Don’t let yourself get fooled by slick marketing materials. Remember, you are hiring content creators. They are experts in creating effective marketing materials. You need to see past the glitter and shine to see the meat and potatoes. When it comes to negotiating terms, the more terms you address up front, the better. This ensures you and the service have clear expectations about your relationship. Talk about the content materials you want, deadlines you need to meet, production volume, and any other specific requirements. 

Provide Detailed Briefs

The more information and guidance you can give, the better experience you will have when outsourcing motorcycle content creation. Start by creating a detailed style guide. It should include everything about your brand. Include colors, logos, motto, slogan, voice, tone, and brand personality. If there are specific ways you spell or write your brand name, include this. If there are specific ways you want your product or service spoken about, include this too. 

Establish Communication Channels

Communication is everything for a positive working relationship. The content creation service you choose needs to be responsive. If not, you will be left wondering about the status of your motorcycle content. Your content service also needs to communicate in the method you prefer. If you prefer email and they always call, this won’t be an enjoyable experience for you. 

Quality Control

There is a lot of bad content out there. You don’t want to waste your limited marketing budget on paying for content that isn’t going to serve you best. Many motorcycle business owners make the mistake of only focusing on quality control at the end of the content production process. However, this is a big mistake. 

There are a lot of services out there that claim to offer motorcycle content creation services. However, it isn’t enough to simply write a long blog post and throw a few keywords in. Google has made it clear that your content needs to go above and beyond. It can’t be surface-layer deep. Your content needs to ooze with experience and expertise in whatever area of the motorcycle industry your business operates in. For example, I am a content creator in the motorcycle industry. So, I write in-depth articles that delve deep into action advice about how you can use best SEO practices to further your motorcycle business. I write about my personal experience in motorcycle and content writing while creating my blog posts. This brings in my experience and expertise to increase my authoritativeness and establish trust with you, the reader. 

Take a quality control eye when considering a motorcycle content service. If they can’t intelligently talk about the latest best practices, then they won’t produce high-quality and effective content. 

outsourcing motorcycle content creation

Post Content Production

Now, on to the most talked about quality control step. Post content production, you need to review your delivered content for quality. It needs to meet your standards to be usable in your marketing efforts. Content should be free of grammar and spelling errors. It also needs to adhere to your brand guidelines. Finally, it needs to meet all your details in the brief provided. 

Start Outsourcing Motorcycle Content Creation

Outsourcing motorcycle content creation is a strategic approach that allows businesses to leverage external talent, optimize costs, and maintain a consistent stream of high-quality content. You need to follow these steps to make the most of your outsourcing steps. That way, you clearly define your goals, find a content supplier who can deliver them, and work effectively together to achieve them. 

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