How to Take Killer Boat Photos
How to Take Killer Boat Photos

How to Take Killer Boat Photos

Learn how to take killer photos of your boat. #boat Boatbroker #photography #marketing
Learn how to take killer photos of your boat. #boat Boatbroker #photography #marketing

Don’t we all love those boat photos where the water is perfectly glassy and reflecting the sunny sky with scattered clouds. The lighting is perfect, and we can all imagine ourselves at the helm, wind in our hair.

Getting those shots are a little bit of luck and a lot of planning and skill. So let’s go over how you can get those kinds of shots for your website, blog, and social media.

Look for Calm Water

The first thing you should do is look for calm water. First, it looks better and is more appealing to the eye in photos. Second, it is much easier to capture a crisp shot and takes one element out of the equation.

Plan Your Lighting

Don’t shoot mid-day. The sun will be overhead and cast ugly shadows. Bigger boats with lots of angles will start to lose them, so the boat looks misshapen.

Instead, plan your photo shoot for the early morning after sunrise or early evening before sunset. Both of these times give you a beautiful soft indirect light.

Next, keep the light at your back. This will keep your images from getting washed out.

Get the Right Angle

Try to position your camera into the perfect position to capture the most attractive shot of the boat. This is a stern shot from a three-quarter angle and positioned from above the boat.

If the camera is too low, then the focus on the shot is on the wake, and not on the boat. You want to get ahead of the wake, so the boat doesn’t get lost in the spray.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your angles. Try to get up high or way down low and angled up. Both of these will create interest with your shot.

The worst place you can shoot from is shoulder height. It’s a boring angle that everyone shoots from and isn’t the most flattering for your boat.

Create the Speed

The camera can’t capture speed. So you need to create the speed visually in the image. You also need to think about the boat you’re taking a picture of. Not all boats need to look like they’re flying out of the water.

For example, a cigarette boat needs to look like it owns the water. You can do this by capturing its full attitude. The faster the boat goes, the more out of the water it will be. Capture the water breaking far back on the boat, and people will get a sense of how fast the boat is going.

Pay Attention to the Horizon Line

Everyone will notice if you get the horizon line off. Everyone. This means you have to get it dead on horizontal or disproportionate on purpose.

Use the Two-Thirds Rule

A basic rule of photography that applies to boat photos is the two-thirds rule. Don’t put the boat in the center of the shot. Dividing the image space into thirds allows you to position the boat in the frame, so the entire picture is balanced.

Pay Attention to Exposure

Remember how we said to take your boat photos in the early morning or just before sunset? Well, this creates a problem. The sun reflecting off the water creates a contrasting scene for the camera.

Because of this, the camera thinks that there is more light than there actually is. So the camera compensates by making your photo too dark. You’ll need to adjust for this.

If you struggle between too dark and too light, err on the side of too dark. You can then fix it later and still have the details. If you go too bright, you end up overexposed. Then you’ll lose all of the detail.

Zoom Is Not Your Friend

When you use the zoom, it magnifies the effects of shake. This means an increased risk of blurry images.

If you want to use zoom, you’ll need to speed up your shutter speed. This will reduce the effects of the shake.

Apps to Help You Get Started

These days, you don’t have to have a high tech state of the art camera to take beautiful shots. The camera on your phone can take beautiful shots when you keep these tips in mind.

There are also a couple of apps you can use that can help you.

Camera Plus

This app will help you eliminate the blurriness from shake. It also has a bunch of other features like filters and cropping.

Fast Camera

Have you ever tried to capture the perfect shot only to just miss it? This app will prevent that from ever happening again. As soon as you open the app, it will begin taking photos and won’t stop until you tell it to.

Big Lens

This app will change the photo depth. Doing this will help you create images that are comparable to a DSLR.

Clean the Boat

One of the worst things you can do is take pictures of a dirty boat. This instantly diminishes the photo and tells everyone that the boat isn’t taken care of.

Pick up all of the clutter, wipe everything down, and make the boat look welcoming.

Viewers will assume that a meticulously clean boat is well cared for. While one that is a mess has been neglected. If the owners couldn’t be bothered to clean for the picture, what else did they not bother to do?

Create Wide Shots

For some reason, people want to take super zoomed-in shots of specific items. No one cares about that six inches of anchor chain. Or of the teapot on the stove. Or that 10-year-old tv in the corner.

If you want to highlight a specific feature, make sure it is worthwhile, and a buyer would find it of value. You should also stick to just one image of it.

Start Using Quality Boat Photos

By using these tips, you can take your boat photos up a notch. That way, your social media, blog posts, website, and listings all stand out.

Having your marketing stand out for its quality will give your business an edge above the competition. Your customers will equate your product with quality.

Once you have your photos, I can help you craft the words to go with them. Let me help you create effective content marketing with engaging blog posts, social media posts, and website content.

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