Icon Motorcycle Helmet Review: Airform Resurgent in White and Gold

Icon Motorcycle Helmet Airform Resurgent in White and Gold

Icon Motorcycle Helmet Review: Airform Resurgent in White and Gold

Other women get jewelry and beauty products for their birthdays; my loving husband got me a new Icon motorcycle helmet! I own a few helmets, one of which was getting old and needed to be replaced. As if it were meant to be, I was writing an article about helmets and happened upon a white one from Icon’s new line. I immediately fell in love. My husband took note, and now I’m the happy and proud owner of an element white, gold, and carbon fiber Icon motorcycle helmet.

This review is purely based on my experience with the product as a result of an unsolicited purchase. I will not profit from you clicking the link, heading to the website, and making your own purchase.

The Specs 

Let’s start with the basics. 

  • Price- $250
  • Colors available- white, HiViz, red, and blue
  • Sizes available- XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Head shape- oval
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds

Safety and Protection 

This helmet is going to keep your head safe and sound as it meets DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), & PSC (Japan) Helmet Safety Standards. It comes with the industry standard emergency release straps and a high-density impact-resistant shell. Icon is well-known and isn’t some cheap knock-off that you find on Amazon. 

Cool Features 

  • Comes with two shields
  • Internal dark smoke sun visor 
  • Hydradry™ moisture-wicking liner
  • Airform Speedfin
  • Airform Chin Vent
  • Four air intakes and one exhaust port

Gone are the days of buying a helmet and getting stuck with what comes in the box. Instead, icon lets you customize the look and feel of your helmet by offering a variety of customization options. First, there are the outer shields with 12 color options and tints to choose from. Second are the drop shields with 11 colors and tints available. Third, choose from 10 color options for the rear spoilers. All of them are affordable, letting you change the look of your helmet without breaking the bank.

Because I got the white helmet, it came with two shields. First, there was the standard stock clear shield that you expect. Then there was the mirrored gold shield. I immediately changed the shield to the gold one. Time will tell how durable the mirrored gold finish is. I’ve previously owned mirrored shields, and the finish always shows wear and tear quickly. 

Icon Motorcycle Helmet Airform Resurgent in White and Gold
Icon Motorcycle Helmet Airform Resurgent in White and Gold

My Experience

This isn’t the lightest helmet I’ve owned, but it’s by no means one of the heaviest. Despite being average weight, it doesn’t feel that way. The aerodynamic and fitted shells reduce wind drag and the bobblehead feel. This helps the helmet to feel lighter on your head. 

A unique feature is the optional speed fin that comes with the Icon motorcycle helmet. I put it on mine because I liked the look of it. However, I don’t think it improved the performance or functionality of the helmet. So add it or don’t. It’s up to you. 

The venting is nice throughout this helmet. I didn’t feel especially hot or cold as I rode through the mountains. This is saying a lot. On one side of the mountain, you could have blazing hot sun. Then on the other side, it’s overcast and cold.

Similarly, you start out feeling hot at the bottom of the mountains. Then as you rise in elevation, it gets noticeably colder. This helmet stuck it out through it all. I wasn’t too hot at the bottom or too cold at the top. So the adaptability of this helmet is really nice. 

The Pros 

This helmet has a huge field of vision. You will never feel confined or trapped while wearing it. Not only is it wide, but it also gives you plenty of space from top to bottom. This lets you see your entire surroundings with minimal movement of your head. 

I also love that the internal sun shield is super dark. As someone who is sensitive to the bright sun, this shield is a game changer for me. I normally wear sunglasses inside of my helmet. But I don’t have to with this one. First, the gold mirrored visor does plenty of light filtering on its own. Then you combine it with the internal visor, and it’s downright DARK. 

Icon Motorcycle Helmet Airform Resurgent in White and Gold

The Cons 

I love wearing this helmet. However, there are some things that I wish were different. The biggest problem I have with the Icon motorcycle helmet is the seams that are in the lining. When you take the helmet off, you have ridges in your forehead from the seams. I’m hoping that, in time, the padding will break down a bit, and this issue will take care of itself. 

My other complaint is the carbon fiber print. It looks fine from a distance. However, it could look more realistic when viewing it up close. It’s a bit pixelated and lacks detail. 

Icon Motorcycle Helmet Airform Resurgent in White and Gold

Finally, I have other helmets that give me more customization ability with the pads and fitment. It would have been nice if this one had those features. I’m not surprised that it doesn’t have them at this price point. However, if Icon is going to offer all of the customizations of the look, how hard would it have been to offer some fitment customization? 

The Verdict on Icon Motorcycle Helmet Airform Resurgent

In short, my husband made a smart decision when he decided to purchase this helmet for me. It looks great, feels comfortable, and comes with plenty of safety features. The gold looks flashy without being overly feminine. While I wish it didn’t leave ridges in my head, they are a small price to pay for how comfortable the helmet is. I’m going to enjoy wearing it in both North Carolina and Florida. 

Is a 20 year old helmet still good?

No, you should not use a 20 year old helmet. Helmets are only good for some many years. Manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every five years.

Do Icon helmets expire?

Yes, all helmets eventually expire. ICON recommends that you replace your helmet every three to five years. The materials in your helmet break down, making them less effective at protecting your head.

How much does the icon airform weight?

The Icon Airform helmet weighs 3.7 pounds.

What colors does the Icon Airform Resurgent Helmet come in?

There are four color options for the Icon Airform Resurgent Helmet. Choose from white, red, blue, and hi-viz. The white color is a white helmet with gold accents. The red and blue helmets are black with colored accents. the hi-viz is neon yellow with black accents.

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