Inbound Linking For Your Motorcycle Website

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Inbound Linking For Your Motorcycle Website

How many backlinks does your motorcycle website have? Many SEO services claim you should have at least 100 per page. This sounds like a lot, right? Well, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t. The average website has almost 19,000 backlinks. This shouldn’t be surprising; back linking has been an integral part of SEO strategy for years now.

So, if your motorcycle website is falling behind on the backlinks, you have come to the right place. It is time to learn about inbound linking.

How Blogging and Inbound Linking Work Together

Writing blog posts is an integral part of website SEO performance. If you want people to find your motorcycle business online, you need to rank well in Google search results. You need to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) to rank well. How do you do this? By meeting Google’s algorithm criteria. An integral part of this formula is backlinks (links from other domains that link to your website). You need content worthy of people linking to your website to get backlinks. Regularly posting blog content creates this link-worthy content.

As your motorcycle website ranks better, you develop a stronger online presence. This contributes to the overall reputation of your business within the community while also contributing to increased client acquisition.

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How to Get Inbound Linking for Your Motorcycle Blog

To cultivate inbound linking for your motorcycle website, you need to use multiple tactics. The first is to simply create great content that other people want to link to. It should be clear, easy to understand, and factually accurate. The next step is to decide what type of inbound link you want. Once you have these things, you can start cultivating links.

Cross Marketing Opportunities 

When business owners consider cross-marketing and collaboration, they tend to not think big enough. They focus on opportunities within the motorcycle industry. This is limiting and doesn’t really fully address your business goals.

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Directory Listings

Not all backlinks are created equally. Directory backlinks are easy to get, so they are not worth much. In addition, people aren’t regularly and actively returning to directories and spending time on those websites. So while getting directory backlinks can be helpful to round out your backlink profile, they shouldn’t be your only source of backlinks. 

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Social Media

People linking to your social media content do not contribute to your backlink or SEO performance directly. However, sharing your blog content on social media and other people sharing links does increase your website traffic. Increased traffic does improve your SEO performance. Sharing your blog content can also increase the chance of someone seeing your content and reaching out for an opportunity to guest post, collaborate, or provide another avenue for backlinking.

High-Quality Content 

It sounds simple, but the best way to develop quality backlinks is to create consistently high-quality content. People know when and what to expect from your motorcycle blog. Over time, you develop your reputation for quality and knowledge. People begin to trust your blog and will link to it as a source of authority. Think of this as the long game of inbound linking for your motorcycle business.


As I stated earlier, not all backlinks are created the same. The best backlinks are from high-quality websites with high domain authority and traffic. Blindly reaching out for these backlinks will require a ridiculous amount of time and effort. A simpler solution is to use Help A Reporter Out (HARO). Reporters will submit requests from experts through the HARO website. You can then submit a quote. If the reporter uses your quote, they typically include a link to your motorcycle website. Focus on reputable, prominent websites in the industry, and authoritative.

The first step to your inbound linking strategy should be to begin producing top-quality content. That is where I come in. My education and experience with the law enable me to write clearly and accurately about motorcycle topics. I adapt my writing to suit your business’s tone and voice while ensuring the blog post is engaging and understandable for the target audience.

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