Interior Design Instagram Content Ideas for Interior Designers
Interior Design Instagram Content Ideas for Interior Designers

Interior Design Instagram Content Ideas for Interior Designers

Posting on social media is a must if you want to reach potential clients and expand your reach. However, you have a business to run and clients to help. You don’t have time to sit around and brainstorm interior design Instagram content. Thankfully, producing content doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to utilize the resources you already have in place for your business.

Completed Projects 

As an interior designer, you work with clients to curate beautiful homes that work for their style, taste, and lifestyle. You are proud of the finished room and should want to show it off. Your professional IG is the perfect platform for this. Once you complete a project, ask the homeowner if they are agreeable to you posting their home on your social media. It can be helpful to have this request built into your client contract to make things simpler. 

Pictures are simple but don’t always portray the full scale of a project. In some cases, a video would do the room better justice. This works well for Instagram’s algorithm, that’s heavily pushing reels. Try taking pictures and video. This lets you post some content now and save other content for repurposing later. 

Client Generated Content 

When your clients love what you do, they will want to show off their rooms. With virtually everyone owning smartphones and having their own social media, you can curate some beautiful shots taken by your clients. To make the process of sourcing user-created content simple, ask clients to use a specific hashtag or mention your IG handle in their posts. This makes it simple for you to look through all of the posts and choose the best content for your feed. When posting user-created content, only use high-quality images that represent your brand. Write your own caption for the image. Then credit the original poster. 

Behind the Scenes Content 

Instead of only posting perfectly decorated rooms, try posting about the process. This gives potential clients the opportunity to see what the interior design process is about. Posts that show how the magic happens also humanizes your brand. It helps to make hiring an interior designer more relatable. Try posting a picture of your workspace, fabric samples, design boards, warehouse visits, or anything else you do as a part of your day-to-day job. 

As a bonus, these kinds of posts are good for recruiting purposes. They show what it is like to work with you and the culture you foster. You can then grow your design firm by attracting top talent. 

Aspirational or Motivational Content 

Use these types of posts sparingly. Too many quote posts, and you’ll start to annoy your followers. Instead, use them occasionally to help motivate your followers to take the next step. It could be the push followers need to go from follower to client. 

The simplest method for posting these types of posts is to use an app. I use Canva almost exclusively because it has a ton of customization options and is simple to use. It’s also flexible, so I can use the app on my phone or the desktop version when I’m on my laptop. Other options are Snapseed or Phonto. 

Hyperlapse Videos 

Video has long been praised as the most engaging and desired content. However, with more people using video, the competition for viewers’ attention gets tougher. A hyperlapse video is a perfect solution. You will need to download the Hyperlapse app by Instagram. Record a video and use the app to condense it down. What you end up with is a short video moving at a high rate of speed. 

Contests or Giveaways 

If you are looking to build your follower numbers, then doing contests or giveaways is highly effective. These tactics are also good for promoting new products or services. To make your contest or giveaway useful, start by creating a trackable link that you can include in your IG profile. Then create posts that grab attention and explain the contest or giveaway to your followers. Be sure to include a call to action to help motivate people to take action, and click on the link in the bio. 

Cross Promotional Content  

As a professional interior designer, you work with a variety of other professionals. Working with these other businesses can give you valuable content while also expanding your reach. For example, perhaps you work closely with a particular furniture company or brand. Cross-promote with them by talking about a particular furniture piece. As the interior designer, you can talk about how great that piece of furniture is. Then the furniture company can post about how you styled the furniture in a client’s home. 


I’m not a huge fan of mosaics, but that is because they need to be done correctly for them to work. Mosaics are when you take a large picture and break it up into three, six, or nine small pictures. Individually, they don’t make a whole lot of sense. But when a follower looks at your account page feed, the pictures come together to create a much larger image. The idea is that someone scrolling through their feed would see a single mosaic image, get intrigued, and click on your account to see the rest of the image. 

Upgrade Your Interior Design Instagram Content 

With these simple interior design Instagram content ideas, you are ready to upgrade your IG. It is helpful to plan out several weeks or months at a single time. That way, you have your content planned out and ready. Doing it this way also makes it easier to ensure you use a variety of content types. This keeps your Instagram feed varied and interesting. 

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