It isn’t enough to optimize your website. for search engines. You need to target the right keywords for your efforts to be effective. Before you start your efforts in content marketing, you need to do your keyword research. If you find that you’re not getting the traffic you hoped for, you are probably targeting the wrong keywords. The key is to know what your customers search for, not what you think describes your business. When you don’t do the proper keyword research and analysis you don’t have the right foundation and data to form your campaign. Just like building a home, if your foundation isn’t there, then the rest of the home is worthless.

Don’t skip this crucial step when creating your motorcycle content marketing campaign.


Keyword research builds a solid foundation for SEO success.

Why is Keyword Research Essential?

Doing keyword research lets you identify the searches that people perform to find businesses in your market. Once you have the list, you can use it as inspiration for content.

Through your research, you’ll find new opportunities. It will also confirm if you have the right idea for the direction you want to take your marketing focus.

Thorough research will help you monitor the competition. You’ll also learn behavioral patterns and the competitive nature of your industry.

Why is targeting the right keywords important?

When you target the right keywords, you begin to rank for relevant searches. This means you’ve properly optimized your pages. The visitors that reach your website are the people you are trying to reach and most likely to become a customer.

You’ll be able to target trends and low competition areas. This will allow you to develop a successful content strategy and raise brand awareness.



Initial Discovery

A comprehensive search to find all relevant keywords and phrases.

City Specific Targeting

I take into consideration your business location.

Narrowing Things Down

Narrowing down the initial list to an actionable list.

Local SEO Targeting

I help you identify what people locally are searching for.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords help you target your audience.

User Intent

Most importantly, I consider what your end goal is.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze competitors for a full market picture.

Current Performance

Know how you currently rank.

Start Using Quality Keywords

Set yourself up for SEO success by knowing what your potential customers are searching for.

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