Law Firm Marketing Social Media Calendar
Law Firm Marketing Social Media Calendar

Law Firm Marketing Social Media Calendar

It’s the beginning of the year, and now is the perfect time to plan out your social media calendar. By doing it in advance, you can schedule posts in advance and avoid important dates, random lengths of dead time, or last-minute panics as you figure out what to post. You can also ensure you have some variety in your posting to engage people and keep them interested.

Start by deciding how often you want to post. It doesn’t have to be every day. You could start with a small goal of once a week on your page’s most active day. If that doesn’t seem to be enough, bump it up to two and so on until you find the right volume. You want to regularly communicate with your audience without annoying them.

Law Firm Marketing Social Media Calendar

How to Use This Social Media Calendar

I’ve created a simple two page guide that’s broken out into the twelve months. Then under each month, you’ll see two groups of important dates. The first set of dates are national holidays. The second group of dates is significant events in American legal history.

Not all of the legal dates will be relevant to your practice. That’s ok. Choose the ones that are and use the rest as inspiration for your own content creation.

Start by scheduling posts for all of the major holidays. These are simple and easy to accomplish and will get you in the swing of things. Then look through the legal dates and schedule posts that are relevant to your practice. For example, an estate attorney could talk about senior citizens’ day while a criminal attorney could talk about the first case that used DNA evidence.

Add posts for important events for your law firm. This could be anniversaries or other notable events. It helps to print out a twelve-month calendar and write notes in the boxes for each post you plan to have.

Now you have a visual representation of your social media plan. Look through the calendar and fill in the gaps with other social media content.

Do You Need Help Creating Content?

It can seem like a mentally daunting task to create social media posts for the entire year at one time. I’m happy to provide my clients with guidance, creative direction, and production services. We work together to determine who the ideal audience is and what will speak to them.

Then it’s a simple matter of building out a schedule, creating the posts, and scheduling them. With some planning and scheduling, you can put this small piece of the marketing puzzle on auto-drive.

Law Firm Marketing Social Media Calendar
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