Best Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies for 2021
Best Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies for 2021

Best Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies for 2021

Best Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies for 2020 #onlinemarketing #lawfirmmarketing #lawyermarketing #legalmarketing
Best Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies for 2020

What law firm online marketing strategies are you using to attract more clients? 2020 is the perfect year to revamp your digital marketing strategies. Your goal should be to make it easier for potential clients to find the information they need. You should also make it a priority to develop confidence and trust with your clients.

Today’s consumers want to know that you’re the best. But shouting about the cases you’ve won doesn’t cut it. You need to be transparent with your prospective clients. Show them you’re the best by relating to them on their level.

Try these law firm marketing ideas to draw in more client leads for your law firm.

Modernize Your Website

When was the last time you updated your website? You use the internet daily, so take an unbiased look at your website and compare it with what you’re used to seeing. If it looks old and dated, then it’s time for an update. Potential clients will judge your entire law firm solely on the first impression your website gives them.

If your website looks old, is hard to navigate, or lacks the information they want, then you’ve just lost a potential client. That website visitor will assume your law firm is full of old, hard to relate to attorneys who will be frustrating to communicate with.

Now, this does not mean you should revamp your website to be an ultra-modern and sleek website. You should update your website while remaining true to your firm’s personality and culture. If you have a conservative and traditional law firm, your landing pages can reflect that while still being a high-quality site that’s easy to navigate with a clean design.

There are some basic qualities that all law firm websites need to have:

  • Fast Loading
  • Responsive
  • Well designed
  • Secure

When creating the basic structure of your website, you should have a few pages that provide the information potential clients are looking for.

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Practice Area/Services Offered
  • Mission and Values
  • Testimonials
  • Blog
  • Case Studies
  • FAQ
  • Contact

These don’t all need to be on separate pages. For example, you can combine the About Us webpage with the mission and values. Or you could feature some testimonials on your home page or practice areas.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now is also the time to start or improve your content marketing efforts. This is the most effective approach to attracting new clients. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing can be free. For the most effective business development, plan to use a combination of both. This will help you perform better with the search engine algorithms.

Your law firm SEO strategy should include writing legal content that you share on your social media profiles. You can also produce a weekly or monthly podcast or webinar. This contributes to an increase in website traffic. Focus on increasing your subscribers to establish your reputation as a successful law firm.

You can leverage your subscriber’s email list to directly engage with your target audience. Develop an email marketing campaign that speaks directly to your client base. This lets you establish your legal know-how in the legal industry.

Improve Your Website Security

Hackers are a very real threat in today’s world. No one is safe from hackers that will shut down your entire server and network. Then you’ll be forced to either pay the ransom or face untold expenses as you try to piece together your lost data. There’s also the increased liability your firm will face.

Paying the ransom cost anywhere from $84,000 to $190,000. This can cripple your law firm.

New York Times

Everyone has fallen victim to these pirate hackers. Hospitals, major corporations, cities, and even smaller businesses have experienced this immediate halt in operation as encryption takes over, and all productivity stops.

There’s hope, though. Hackers like to attack easy targets. So by making their job harder, you make yourself less of a target. Work with a qualified and experienced IT security firm. They can help you secure your website and network to prevent hackers from getting ahold of your firm’s and client’s data.

Create Client Personas

Your law firm probably offers a suite of legal services. Each one of these services has a type of client. Your firm’s marketing approach needs to speak to each of these client personas. Before creating a marketing campaign, determine who your client personas are and who you would want to hire your firm.

Then take these personas and divide your marketing efforts between them. This will personalize your marketing efforts and speak directly to someone who is your potential client for a particular service. Try to fill out these qualities for each ideal client persona.

  • Demographic
  • Background
  • Motivation
  • Goal
  • Pain Points

Use these client personas when creating your website content, blog posts, social media posts, and paid ads.

Create a Marketing Funnel

You need to guide people through the process of deciding to work with your law firm. Today’s consumers are smarter than simply posting “Hire us! We are the best!”. This is juvenile, blatant, and annoying.

Today’s clients want to build a connection with you. They want to trust that you’re the best. So instead of just shouting about how great you are, prove it to them by building confidence.

You do this by guiding people through the sales/marketing funnel.

What is the marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is the client’s journey from the initial awareness stage through the hiring stage. With careful planning and analysis, you can help guide potential clients through the decision making process. This will generate more qualified client leads for your law firm.


At this point, potential clients are aware that they have a problem. They’re experiencing the pain points you should have listed in your client personas. The search for possible solutions begins.

Offer content that explains the pain point and the solutions available. This content is more high level and generalized. You’re attracting potential clients by identifying with what they’re feeling and facing.


The potential client is now familiar with possible solutions and the group of services that you and other law firms offer. You may see this stage referred to as the information gathering stage. You build confidence by offering content that explains how your firm provides a solution to the pain point.


At this stage, you’ve built trust and confidence in a potential client. They’re now evaluating your services and determine if they’re right for their needs. This is the time to show your performance track record and credentials. Your content should create desire.


When someone purchases your product or service, the potential client will become a client. Your law firm online marketing strategies should have strong action phrases to encourage the person to take action. They’ve chosen your firm and are ready to become a client. Have call to actions and easy methods included for taking action, such as an online appointment form, email, or phone number.

Focus on Local SEO Tactics

While blogging helps you rank, it isn’t the best strategy for geotargeting. There are more effective marketing tactics for targeting your local area. Focus on improving your search presence for the local areas that you serve. Perhaps you focus on personal injury cases in a particular county or the entire state.

Social Media

One approach is to use social media platforms. This increases your local presence. Fill out your profile and ensure it has your local office address. Make connections with other local businesses by messaging them. There are marketing services that can deploy this strategy for you. these connections can assist you with your link-building strategy. LinkedIn is another smart platform to develop. This professional networking site allows you to connect with other law firms and professionals.


Registering on legal directories like AVVO increases your referrals and increases your online presence. At a minimum, your marketing plan should include registering with Google My Business. This will allow you to take full advantage of Google’s rich search results with a business card on the right and business information on Google Maps.

Start with the free directories. Confirm that your law firm’s contact information is correct. If you have a budget for your legal marketing, you can move on to directories hat require you to pay for inclusion. Be sure to evaluate the quality of leads you receive from these directories. This ensures they remain a worthwhile investment.

Let’s Upgrade Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies

Now is the perfect time to take stock of your current online marketing strategies. If you’ve been ignoring the tips we’ve discussed here, then you’re missing out on organic leads. That means your law firm isn’t retaining as many clients as it could.

I can help you revamp your online marketing strategy. I specialize in writing relatable content for law firms. Together, we will work together to update your website. Each page on your website will have content that is both informative and SEO effective. Then, we’ll start a blog writing strategy to provide you with marketing funnel content and improved SEO performance.

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