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Content Marketing Doesn't Work

“Content Marketing Doesn’t Work” Spoiler: You’re Wrong

All personal injury attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are personal injury attorneys. As lawyers, you are no stranger to this logical statement. It’s a simple statement but makes a big difference in how you think about a category of items. Use this method of thinking when approaching your content production. All content marketing…

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law firm newsjacking

How To: Law Firm Newsjacking

Thanks to the pandemic, Nielsen reports that 47% of people tuned into the news during 2020. Of those people, a majority (64%) tuned in to their local news. These statistics are crucial if you’re considering law firm newsjacking as a part of your marketing strategy. Business development for your law firm isn’t the same as…

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law firm's about page

How to Create Your Law Firm’s About Page

What does your law firm’s About page look like? Is it the basic run-of-the-mill content that talks about the partner’s, total years of experience, and notable cases? Then there’s a picture of the firm’s attorneys standing together with their arms crossed. This is boring and overdone, and yet attorneys continue to accept it for their…

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What Is Law Firm Marketing?

Do you know the answer to the question, “what is law firm marketing?” You may think you do, but the answer is ever-changing and evolving. This guide will help you understand. Whether you have just established your law firm or have been practicing for decades, you need marketing. You went to school to be a…

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Social Media Calendar

Law Firm Marketing Social Media Calendar

It’s the beginning of the year, and now is the perfect time to plan out your social media calendar. By doing it in advance, you can schedule posts in advance and avoid important dates, random lengths of dead time, or last-minute panics as you figure out what to post. You can also ensure you have…

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Do Law Firms Have Marketing Departments

Do Law Firms Have Marketing Departments?

Only 17% of solo law practitioners and 31% of firms with two to nine lawyers have a marketing budget. This is concerning for the legal industry. While you don’t need to have a large marketing budget, not having one at all implies that attorneys aren’t even thinking about marketing. Without legal marketing campaigns, you’re not going to…

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Law Day

What Is Law Day?

Did you know there is a day that celebrates the rule of law? May 1st is the national holiday to share and educate people about the legal process, justice, liberty, and the freedoms that Americans enjoy as citizens of the United States. As an attorney, you can embrace this national day and share your passion…

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Free Images for Business Use: How to Find Them

Images are king when it comes to creating quality content but it can be tough to find free images for business use. You can find free images, but the quality isn’t that great or the subject matter isn’t relevant to your business at all. Then when you finally find a high-quality image with relevant subject…

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Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies

Best Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies for 2021

What law firm online marketing strategies are you using to attract more clients? 2020 is the perfect year to revamp your digital marketing strategies. Your goal should be to make it easier for potential clients to find the information they need. You should also make it a priority to develop confidence and trust with your…

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