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Bad Backlink

What Are Harmful or Bad Backlinks?

Everyone talks about backlinks, how important they are, and how we should focus on getting them. But this is only half of the story. If you blindly charge out and try to get as many backlinks as possible from anywhere you can get them, you are probably doing more harm than good to your law…

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legal blog posts

Upgrade Your Legal Blog Posts by Avoiding These Mistakes

Blogging seems so easy, right? When compared to complicated briefs and other legal documents, churning out legal blog posts should be a simple task. Except, it isn’t. There are multiple pitfalls that you can fall into when attempting to write quality blog posts. When you make mistakes, your blog isn’t as effective as it could…

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What Are Dofollow links?

What Are Dofollow & Nofollow Links?

You know you need to use links on your website, but what exactly does this mean? There are internal links and then there are external links. This article will help you better understand the external links. You will use either dofollow or nofollow links. Each tells search engines specific things and should be used strategically…

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Law Blog Content: How to Protect It

About 30% of the web pages on the internet have duplicated or highly similar content. Several million posts get copied and shared on social media platforms daily. You work hard and pay good money for your law blog content, so the last thing you want is for someone to steal it and benefit from it.…

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Content Marketing Doesn't Work

“Content Marketing Doesn’t Work” Spoiler: You’re Wrong

All personal injury attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are personal injury attorneys. As lawyers, you are no stranger to this logical statement. It’s a simple statement but makes a big difference in how you think about a category of items. Use this method of thinking when approaching your content production. All content marketing…

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law firm newsjacking

How To: Law Firm Newsjacking

Thanks to the pandemic, Nielsen reports that 47% of people tuned into the news during 2020. Of those people, a majority (64%) tuned in to their local news. These statistics are crucial if you’re considering law firm newsjacking as a part of your marketing strategy. Business development for your law firm isn’t the same as…

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law firm's about page

How to Create Your Law Firm’s About Page

What does your law firm’s About page look like? Is it the basic run-of-the-mill content that talks about the partner’s, total years of experience, and notable cases? Then there’s a picture of the firm’s attorneys standing together with their arms crossed. This is boring and overdone, and yet attorneys continue to accept it for their…

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