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The legal industry is behind the times when it comes to marketing for law firms. The days of relying on billboards and phone books are over. If your law firm doesn’t have a modern website and social media then you are already falling behind.

Potential clients turn to Google to find a lawyer. Do you know where you rank when they search? Do you know how to rank better? How does your rank compare to your competitors?

You need to develop a content plan for your website. This means creating informative and useful content for your potential and current clients. But you’re busy being a lawyer, so when do you have time to write blog posts?

Benefits of Content Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness
Develop More Leads
Better Conversion Rate
Establish and Build Trust
Build Loyal Relationships
Establish Industry Authority
Increase Engagement
Improve SEO Performance
Social Media Traction

Let’s Make Law Approachable

One of the biggest complaints legal clients have is a lack of communication. Creating a blog can give your clients insight and understanding. This will instill their confidence in your firm.

By having a content program, you establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy voice.

Hire Someone Who Knows

The biggest challenge for you is to find a content service that can provide engaging content that also states the law correctly. I can solve this dilemma for you.

Legal Education

As a graduate of Stetson University College of Law, I have the necessary legal experience. I understand that your posts need to state the correct law for your jurisdiction. I also understand that laws change, and your content needs to keep up.

My research ability and experience writing for lawyers across the country have given me a broad understanding of the law. This enables me to write detailed and legally correct content no matter what state you practice in.

Marketing Experience

Have you ever tried to explain a complex legal topic to someone in simple terms? It takes a certain finess to convey the message and information in a way that someone who hasn’t attended law school can understand.

I know how to take the areas of law that you specialize in and explain them in a way that anyone can understand. I make law approachable for everyone. This will put your clients at ease and give them comfort in having a basic understanding of the process.

All Areas of Practice

I have experience creating content for attorneys in a wide variety of practices.

Personal injury
Intellectual property
Consumer protection

Types of Law Firm Content Marketing

Blog Posts

Having a blog on your website is a simple and effective way to target keywords that you want to rank for. It also lets you continually update your website by posting new content. You can use your blog posts to answer common questions, explain laws, highlight strange cases, or showcase your law firm’s accomplishments. This is your chance to show your firm’s personality.

How-to Guides

While you can’t write a how-to guide about the law, you can still write effective guides that can assist potential and current clients. Use your guides as a way of providing useful information and establishing your law firm as an authoritative voice. You could create a guide about how to find the right lawyer or how to become one.

Case Studies

A case study for your law firm will look a little different from other industries. While you can’t identify a particular client, you can write about the information that’s considered public record. Perhaps you write a case study about a court’s ruling on a particular case. Or you can write a case study about a particular attorney within the firm and their performance track record.


This type of content marketing is similar to a blog, but much longer. This would be a downloadable PDF that someone could keep and read. Try leveraging this type of content to go more in-depth from your blog post. This builds trust with the reader and establishes your firm as a voice of authority.


Do you specialize in a particular area of law that has lots of statistics? Then publishing whitepapers are an effective way at establishing your firm as a leader. This data driven content is designed for delving deep into a topic and providing an analytical analysis.


Your client’s attention span is fleeting. Getting them to read pages and pages of content is unrealistic for most people. That’s when using checklists in conjunction with your long-form content is useful. These are bulleted lists of brief statements that will quickly outline a series of topics, tasks, or information.

Let’s Chat

Let’s collaborate and create compelling content for your law firm.


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