Digital Motorcycle Dealership Marketing Ideas For 2021

motorcycle dealership marketing

Digital Motorcycle Dealership Marketing Ideas For 2021

What are you doing to market your motorcycle business? When was the last time you considered doing something new? With the start of the new year upon us, there’s no better time than the present to consider some new motorcycle dealership marketing ideas.

Riding a motorcycle is more than just a hobby. It’s a passion. It’s a lifestyle. So marketing your motorcycle business needs to reflect that. You aren’t selling vacuums or toilet paper, which are necessary things in everyone’s home. You’re selling a luxury purchase that someone dreams about. Give one or more of these motorcycle marketing ideas a shot and watch your business grow.

Motorcycle Digital Marketing

Hopefully, your business is already online. If not, you’re way overdue, and it’s time to get with the program! People find new local businesses by looking online, and if you don’t have a presence, you don’t get found. Think about it, the only other options are word of mouth and physically driving by, which leaves a lot of your local market out of touch.

No Online Presence

If you don’t have any digital presence, then the first step this year is to establish one. This means getting a website, registering with Google My Business, and establishing at least one social media account. These are three simple tasks that you can do yourself.

There are several website hosting services that supply you with templates to make building a website easy. Choose a simple domain that reflects your business. Then choose your template and fill in the necessary information.

Add your location, contact information, and an explanation of your business. If you have high-quality images, you can use your own. However, it’s well worth you hiring a photographer to take pictures of your physical location. A third option is to use free use images. I’ve created this guide on how to find free-use images to make it easier.

It’s a must that you include up to date inventory. Make it easy for people to see what you have available for sale.

Start with one social media platform. Any more than this, and it will be overwhelming to get yourself established. You could pick whatever one you feel comfortable with. However, a smarter method is to choose the one that the majority of your customers use.

Registering on Google My Business makes your company show up on the right side of the screen when people Google something related to your business. You’ll also show up on Google maps, making it easier for people to find your location. This is a simple and free method of engaging with customers, building reviews, and establishing yourself locally.

Some Online Presence

It’s great that you already have an online presence! Now it’s time to try some motorcycle marketing campaigns. This can put your established marketing tools to work. Decide what you want your goal to be, and then create a campaign with that goal in mind.

Perhaps you want to raise local awareness about your business. This means letting people know you are present in the community. You could do this by using more local hashtags on your social media. Or you could partner with a local motorcycle enthusiast who is already established in the community. Perhaps you try a local paid ad campaign that targets people in the immediate geographic area.

If you want to generate more sales, you can gear your marketing campaign towards people looking to trade in or make their first purchase. Speak to the thrill of riding and the lifestyle that they could enjoy when on a new bike.

Dealerships with a service department may want to increase their business in this area. This type of campaign works well by developing your relationship with current and past customers. You could send them emails with maintenance reminders or seasonal discounts.

Well Established Online

If you already have a digital presence and you’ve been active and developed your community, then it’s time to take things up a notch. Focus on refining your efforts and determining the most effective motorcycle marketing strategies. At this stage, you should have a decent amount of data to analyze.

Take a look at your previous campaigns and marketing efforts and determine what the ROI is for each. Remember, not all digital marketing efforts will have an easily traceable ROI. Look at your dealership performance as a whole to determine the totality of the results.

Identify efforts that produced positive results and those that didn’t. You can then expand on the successful ones to maximize your efforts. For example, maybe you discover that Facebook doesn’t resonate with your customers, but your Instagram profile is doing great. Now you know to focus more effort on Instagram and less on Facebook. It also tells you that your customers enjoy the image format, so use more images in your marketing.

Maybe you discover that your customers appreciate how-to articles, and these have increased the number of people coming to you with motorcycle repairs. You could create a more extensive or detailed content marketing campaign that features more how-to articles and videos. These help to further establish you as an expert and build more trust with motorcycle owners.

Learn From Motorcycle Dealers

Take a look at how other motorcycle dealers attract potential customers. Established motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha all use a combination of SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC to attract potential buyers.

Similar to automotive dealers, the motorcycle industry is looking to attract more millennials. This demographic is approaching the age where making large purchases and recreational purchases are common.

Tailor your website design, social media, and pricing to your target audience. While all riders may love motorcycling, they don’t all have the same interests, budgets, and ride style. It isn’t enough for marketers to talk to bikers. They have to go beyond this and connect on a personal level.

Try These Digital Motorcycle Dealership Marketing Ideas

The more you connect with people, the more motorcycles you’ll sell. Riding a motorcycle is a lifestyle, and you need to establish your motorcycle dealership as the go-to resource. This means connecting with your past, current, and future customers online.

This guide should help you get started on a marketing strategy for the new year. No matter where you are in the digital marketing process, I can help. Your brand new website needs content, which I can assist you in writing.

Established websites can benefit from optimizing. I can help you improve what you already have. Well establish dealerships will benefit from my content writing services to further establish their presence in the local market.

Let’s work together to put these digital motorcycle dealership marketing ideas into practice.

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