Motorcycle Marketing Emails: When Should You Send Them?

Motorcycle Marketing Emails: When Should You Send Them?

You know sending motorcycle marketing emails could boost your sales, but where do you start? How do you know when and who to send emails to? The last thing you want to do is waste countless hours creating emails that never get opened. Timing is everything when it comes to having a successful email marketing campaign. You could create the perfect email, but if you send it at the wrong time, no one will ever see it.

The Best Time to Send Emails

Typically, the best time to send emails is on Thursday between 8-9 am. While the worst time to send motorcycle marketing emails is Tuesday and Wednesday between 8 and 10 am. Keep in mind that all businesses are different. While these are generally the best and worst times, they may not be for you. It’s best to use these times as a guide for your first emails and then use your own analytics and data tracking to develop the best time for your specific audience.

We are going to go over what type of emails to send on each day of the week. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be sending the same audience segment an email every day of the week, or you’ll risk them unsubscribing.

Time of Day

This about when people check their emails. Most people get to the office and one of their first tasks is to check their emails. Some people check their emails even earlier, right when they wake up. This means that most people check their emails between 7 and 10 am. Most research will tell you that you’ll receive a better click-through rate if you send your email marketing before 10 am. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore other times of the day. Some businesses find great success with sending emails around 11 am.

If you want to send an afternoon email, aim for before 3 pm. The second spike in email open rates happens between 3 and 4 pm. If you want people to engage with your email, this might be a better time to send your email. Morning emails have more open rates, but afternoon emails have more click through rates. An exception: If you want to send motorcycle marketing emails on Sunday, do it before 9 am. Most people who check their emails on Sunday do it before this time.


This is the best day to promote products that are outside of your immediate campaign. You could tie it to a related marketing campaign that you’re currently running. Let’s say you’re currently running a marketing campaign to promote a new model that just hit the showroom floor. Send emails to promote products that are related to the new motorcycle. This could be upgraded parts or accessories.

You could be running a promotion that offers a discount on certain services. Or you could then use Monday’s email to promote products that are related to that service. If you’re offering a spring tune-up and oil change, then promote a quality brand of oil or filter in this email.


On Tuesday you can send an email that teases your upcoming campaign. You could include a teaser video or some professional photos. Include in this email some of the main points from your campaign. This is when you introduce your campaign to your audience. Don’t overload them with information. Only include a few key points that will pique their interest. You want to create interest and curiosity.


If you have a campaign or major promotion to launch,. do it on Wednesday. This gives people time to catch up on work during the beginning of the week, but not too late where they’re focused on the weekend and not work. It also gives people time to respond to the email and allows you to follow up before the weekend. This lets you strike while the iron is hot. You can use this email marketing to launch a sales promotion, offer a service deal, or launch a new product. If you have a blog post related to the promotion that you want to promote, then try including it in this email.


Think of Thursday as a learning day. Send an email out with something useful to your audience. It could be a video or how-to blog post, or product demo. Focus less on the hard sell and more on providing useful and actionable information. Emails like this will educate your potential customers and help them move through the sales funnel. It will also establish you as an authoritative voice that can be a trusted source of information and guidance. If your potential customers view you as trustworthy, they’re more likely to come to you when it’s time to purchase.


If you want to send a Friday email, then use it as a weekly wrap. Let readers know what they missed out on. This is your second chance to get the week’s worth of information in front of your audience again. So if they didn’t read a previous email you can still get the message to them.

You should also include something fun. It’s Friday and people are thinking about the weekend, so embrace that and give your readers something fun to look at. You could have a fun video or pictures of people out enjoying their motorcycles. You could pull them from social media and feature your customers. This is also a perfect day for featuring your store and team. Did someone on your staff celebrate a professional achievement? Maybe they’ve celebrated an anniversary milestone or surpassed their sales goal. Don’t be afraid to show the people behind the brand and share your celebrations with your audience.

Saturday and Sunday

Skip sending emails these days. People are spending time with their family and out doing things. The last thing they’re doing is focusing on their emails. The only effective email marketing on the weekend offers a flash sale or is a last-minute reminder.

Email Marketing Campaigns

So far, we’ve discussed email marketing optimization in terms of the day of the week and time of the day. However, that isn’t the only time you should think about. Successful motorcycle dealers and marketers will tell you that you need to create an email marketing strategy that remarkets to motorcycle owners before and after their purchase.

The old-school method of direct marketing is direct mail. Harley Davidson motorcycle dealerships still use this method. It’s the physical method of sending mail directly to homes. Modern motorcycle dealers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Ducati create email lists to manage their digital marketing. Use demographics to target motorcycle owners. As subscribers sign up for your email newsletter, separate them into those who are in the awareness stage, buying stage, and recently purchased stage.

Marketing experts suggest that you coordinate these marketing emails with your other online marketing efforts. This creates a uniform message as you move bikers through the marketing funnel. It also helps with SEO as you tailor your web design to speak directly to what people are searching for at ach stage of the buying process.

Test Test Test

Ultimately, every business’s audience is different. You need to track your open rates and collect data. This will help you determine when the best time of day and day of the week is best for your audience. You can then tailor your digital marketing to match your audience’s routine.

Use every email you send as a learning experience. If an email receives an abysmal open rate, it isn’t a failure. You learned to never send emails at that time. You’re one step closer to narrowing down the ideal time to send your motorcycle marketing emails. It can help to create a chart that has every day of the week and time of day. Then you can place X’s and check marks for positive and negative email performance.

Create Compelling Emails for Your Campaign

If you’re ready to start creating your motorcycle marketing email campaign, I can help! My marketing services can help you create engaging content by writing quality content that draws the reader in and encourages them to keep reading. I can help you create emails that speak to your potential customers at every phase of the sales funnel. This will encourage people to move through the sales funnel and move closer to making a purchase. You can also use your emails to promote your other content and products.

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