New Year New Social Media Bio

Social Media Bio

New Year New Social Media Bio

When was the last time you took a look at your company’s social media bio? If it’s been awhile, you’re overdue. You need to take a look at them and ensure they’re up to date and effective for today’s social media environment. With the new year upon us, now is the perfect time to take a few minutes to review your social media profiles. New year, new you, and that goes for your business too.

Why Update Your Social Media Bios

Hopefully, your business is growing, and you have new products and services that you offer. Or maybe the company has a new focus. Or perhaps you have a new strategic approach for how you market your business. Giving your social media profiles a refresh can help align them with your current offerings and strategic approach. This will help you boost engagement. Your company’s social media profile helps define its image, which helps potential customers form an impression and opinion.

How to Write a New Social Media Bio

Crafting the perfect bio is about more than writing a description. It needs to be effective in boosting engagement while also staying true to your company’s branding. Then it needs to convey useful information and a message. This is a lot to pack into a character limited bio.

Keep Sounding Like a Human

Write out your bio as if a human was speaking about it. This makes it sound relatable and humanizes your business. People are working hard behind that profile to make your business a success, so let that shine through. To sound like a human, try talking about your business out loud. This lets you hear the description and can identify if the description begins to sound too robotic. Don’t cut corners and try to use a form or template bio. This will make your personal sound less relatable.

State Your Business Purpose

What is the main purpose of your business? Okay, what is your primary goal after making money? Don’t put make money in your bio. Maybe you want to help boaters have a safer time on the water. Or perhaps you want to help motorcycle enthusiasts modify their bike to get the greatest amount of performance out of it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Emojis

If your business does a lot of things or offers a lot of services, it can help to use emojis. This lets you save on characters by using one emoji instead of spelling out the entire word. There was a time when emojis were considered unprofessional. This is slowly going away as more professional businesses begin to make their way onto social media. The trick to keeping it professional while using emojis is to do it with purpose.

Inject the Keywords

If particular keywords are used in your industry, then try to naturally incorporate them into your bio. This will help your target audience find you by letting the social media platform know what your profile is all about.

Hashtags Help

Hashtags are another helpful way to get your profile noticed. They work exceptionally well if you have a brand hashtag that you use or you’re in a niche industry. Niche hashtags help you appear in front of your target audience. While a branded hashtag can give you another way to showcase what your company can do.

Highlight Achievements

Does your company has some impressive achievements or awards? Don’t be afraid to include them in your bio. It could be an award ranking, or website award, or maybe a prominent article featuring your business. You can use your bio to showcase these awards.

Remember to Update

If you decide to include achievements in your bio, make sure they’re relevant. You should remove them as they age and become outdated. Otherwise, you risk your profile looking neglected, which can cause more harm than good.

Don’t Forget the Important Stuff

Don’t let your focus be totally on the written part of your social media bio. You need to also fill in the rest of the info fields.

  • Title
  • Location
  • WEbsite
  • Contact details
  • Working hours

You want to make it easy for a potential customer to know how to contact you. After all, social media opens the door to communication. Once the line of communication is open, then you can take the conversation off of social media and direct them down the sales funnel.

social media bio

Give Clear Direction

You need to let your audience know the best way to contact you. So you don’t need to give people all of the methods, but give them their preferred method. Providing too many options can actually be overwhelming for people, and then they won’t do anything. A good solution is to give people a text-based option such an email, text, or a contact form. Then give an alternative method such as a phone number. Remember, if you have a retail location, you want to make sure that people know where and when they can visit you.

Get Help With Your Social Media Bios

Don’t panic if this all starts to sound overwhelming. If the thought of trying to check all of these boxes makes your head hurt, there’s still hope. I have the experience and knowledge to write you a custom social media bio. We’ll start by having a conversation about your business, what it sells, and its mission. Then we’ll go over a specific keyword and/or hashtag that you wish to target. Finally, we’ll review all of the relevant information for your business to ensure everything is correct. I’ll help you make writing your social media bio a breeze.

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