Stolen Dodge Durango Hellcat Finally Home Again

Dodge Durango Hellcat

Stolen Dodge Durango Hellcat Finally Home Again

It took almost three months to the day for Super Max to be safe and sound back at home in our driveway. If you haven’t read the story of how our Dodge Durango Hellcat was stolen, I suggest you check it out before continuing. It was a frustrating and stressful experience that could have gone much smoother. While the individual dealership was wonderful, Dodge Corporate dropped the ball. Thankfully, they attempted to make it right in the end, but not without many calls from us.

The Dealership 

We had our vehicle taken to a local Dodge dealership in the Washington, DC, area. We chose it out of necessity and proximity. Without having any previous knowledge of the place, it was a risk. However, it was the best decision of this entire experience. Everyone on the dealership’s team was friendly, professional, and on top of their game. They were responsive and actively followed up on pending parts shipments. They kept us informed every step of the way. 

Dealing With Dodge Corporate 

Unfortunately, dealing with Dodge corporate was not nearly as pleasant of an experience. Clearly, Dodge was more concerned with building new Durangos than servicing the ones they had already sold. While I understand that logistics have become strained post-pandemic, it still doesn’t sit well that you spend almost $100k on a vehicle only to have the manufacturer not stand behind it. Then have that same manufacturer repeatedly promise that they are setting a radio aside for you, only for that not to happen. 

Dodge Durango Hellcat

The Power of Social Media 

My husband called Dodge customer service endlessly for weeks. Every time he called, he spoke to someone different. Every person he talked to said an agent was assigned to his claim. He was never able to speak to the agent assigned to his claim. She was out of the office, on vacation, in a meeting, and no longer with the department. We are pretty sure she never did a thing to manage his claim. 

He was repeatedly told that he would be sent an email from his agent when there was an update on his claim. He confirmed his email was correct over and over. He never got a single email. 

After weeks of run-around, I had had enough. So, I hit up social media and began making comments. It only took a day or two, and someone was messaging me for more information. Another day or two after that, and someone was calling him. After months of unclear communication and extended deadlines, a new radio was overnighted to the dealership service center. 

Bringing the Dodge Durango Hellcat Home

The dealership was eager to get it off the lot when Super Max was finally fixed. One highlight was Dodge Corporate agreeing to pay for my husband’s and father’s flights back to DC. So, they quickly bought tickets and flew back to bring our vehicle home. They landed, had a good night’s sleep, and picked up Super Max the next day as soon as the service center opened. They immediately got on the road and drove home. They weren’t going to give the thieves a chance to steal him again. 

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