Want to Start a Car Blog? Choose the Right Name
Want to Start a Car Blog? Choose the Right Name

Want to Start a Car Blog? Choose the Right Name

The internet and blogging have allowed car enthusiasts worldwide to connect and exchange ideas. What was once multiple unique and insular communities is now a vast network of auto enthusiasts. If you are ready to join this online community, starting your own car blog could be the perfect option. The first step is to choose a name. This guide will help you select the perfect car blog name for your next writing project.

Start With the Research 

The best place to start is by looking at the current blog landscape. Your blog should be a fresh and unique voice. If you create a blog and do what everyone else does, your competition will be intense to attract readers. Look at what the most successful blogs are doing and not doing. Take note of what you like and don’t like. This is also smart because you don’t want to choose a blog name that someone else is already using. 

Domain Name

If you haven’t already purchased a domain, you will need to perform this research later. Having your domain match your car blog name helps with SEO and consistent branding. Search to check that your chosen domain name is available before you get too far down the road of a chosen name. 

Register The Name 

You may want to register the name if you plan to make money off your blog and treat it like a business. This would protect your investment and help you legally defend it if someone should decide to copy your car blog idea. Registering is relatively simple; you just need to decide what type of protection and registration is best. For example, you could register it as an LLC at the state level. Or you could register a trademark at a federal level. 

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What Is Your Niche? 

Your niche is what segment of the car industry that you plan to write about. The automotive industry is huge, and it would be overwhelming to try and write about all of it. Instead, focus on the niche that interests you the most. Your chosen blog name should represent your chosen niche. For example, The ClassicCars.com Journal focuses on content about classic cars. While the Automobile LUXUO focuses on luxury vehicles. Then there is CarComplaints | News and Articles that talk about the common problems and recalls that vehicles have. Finally, Celebrity Cars Blog specializes in featuring celebrities and the cars they own. 

Be Careful With Name Generators 

Several name generators online can help you brainstorm ideas for your blog. You enter a keyword or multiple keywords, and the generator spits out a bunch of ideas. Using a blog name generator can be a useful tool. A word of caution, though. While these tools are helpful and inspirational, you should not depend on them entirely. Just like any AI tool, it requires human oversight. 

Who Is your Target Audience? 

While The Fast and Furious movies introduced the general public to car culture, there is so much more than what the movies show. Sure, you have your street rods, hot rods, lowriders, spinners, and boy racers. However, social media has supported the rise of lifted trucks, van dwellers, and EV enthusiasts. 

So, when choosing a name for your blog, think about who you want to come read your blog. Who do you want to read your blog today and in the future? Choosing a name that is too hyper-focused on your target audience can limit the long-term growth of your blog. On the other hand, choose a name that’s too broad, and you can make it difficult for your target audience to relate to your blog. 

Car Blog Examples

For example, PistonHeads is a UK blog that targets young car enthusiasts by giving them a place to connect and find assistance in modifying and upgrading their cars. 

If you are looking for the best, then Top Speed is a good place to look. The blog strives to bring the latest and best quality content to its target audience. 

The Jalopnik is a blog name example for a very broad automotive blog. The blog features a little of everything, from cars to trucks, motorcycles, and airplanes. In addition, you’ll find information about technology, the auto industry, and racing. 

The Speedhunters name is perfect for a blog geared toward industry writers and photographers who want to know about the latest exciting stories. Just like someone chasing down the next auto adrenaline rush, the target audience focuses on bringing the next exciting story. 

What About Your Brand? 

Consider using your company name if you are starting a blog to assist with your company’s content marketing efforts. This not only keeps things simple but also supports your brand messaging efforts. Here are some examples of well-known companies in and related to the auto industry that use their name for their blog. 

Keep Things Simple 

The biggest mistake people make is overthinking things. They get overly creative and end up with something that doesn’t make sense. Make sure your chosen car blog name is easy to say and spell. Keep the name short and catchy so that it is easy to remember. You want to make it easy for someone to remember the name and return to it again. Check out these simple and to-the-point blog names. 

Choose Your Car Blog Name 

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to choosing a great car blog name. Start by doing your due diligence. Know what the competition is and what you want your niche to be. Brainstorm some ideas with relevant keywords and use a name generator to get the creative juices going. Consider your brand and target audience so that you choose a name that speaks to your readers. Finally, do an editing check on your chosen name to ensure it is easy to read, understand, and remember. 

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