You’re Wasting Money With Blog Content Mills
You’re Wasting Money With Blog Content Mills

You’re Wasting Money With Blog Content Mills

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could streamline the content production process? Hiring blog mills does this for many businesses. However, this convenience comes at a great cost. For many, blog mills are enticing because they offer a high volume of content at a bargain price. However, there is typically a lack of consistency and quality that comes with them. Before you think blog mills are right for your company, consider the pros and cons.

What Is a Blog Mill?

A blog mill is a content service that has a business model focused on volume. This means churning out a high number of blog posts with slim profit margins. Quantity is highly valued over quality. 

The Hoth
iWriter (owned by Hoth)  
Verblio (Formerly BlogMutt) 

Blog Mill Alternatives 

The alternative to blog mills is websites that function more like online marketplaces. These are websites where you must find and vette content writers on your own. This can feel a bit unsettling because there is no safety net. You will find freelancers with significantly varied price quotes and skill levels. 

However, putting in the extra work can produce fruitful results. You can develop a long-term relationship with a single writer. This creates consistency and ensures quality. It also fosters dependability. The writer can trust in the consistent work, while you can trust in the writer’s performance. These are some of the more popular freelance marketplaces. 

Constant Content
blog content mills

There is also a third option. There are freelance writer-specific websites. These are job boards where you can post a job listing with your need. Then freelancers apply, and you can sort through the applicants to find just the right fit. While this process is more labor intensive, it’s also the most thorough. I’ve found that these types of boards result in the longest and most fruitful client/writer relationships. 


How Blog Mills Work

There’s a standard process that blog mills follow. You visit the blog mill’s website and are sold by their promises. Choose a content package that suits your needs and make payment. The blog mill will then have its writers perform the paid-for work. You will then get completed content that’s ready for publishing. 

Some blog mill processes vary. For example, so allow you to approve the keyword and titles before the writer begins work. Some blog mills also allow you to request edits. 

Why Are Blog Mills Popular? 

Blog mills are popular for two reasons. Either business owners don’t know any better, or they are looking for the cheapest possible solution. 

Some business owners do not value content marketing. Because of this, they will only invest a minimal amount of their budget into it. Unfortunately, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because there is a minimal investment, there are minimal results. The business owner then feels that content marketing isn’t worth investing in. As you can see, this becomes a depressing cycle of subpar content delivering unsatisfactory results. 

The other group of business owners is those that are willing to invest in content marketing but lack the necessary knowledge. They purchase content from blog mills in a misguided attempt at investing in content marketing. Unfortunately, their lack of understanding and experience gets taken advantage of. It takes these business owners time to realize that their efforts are better rewarded elsewhere. 

Blog Mill Benefits

No writer hiring process
Simple payment process
High volume production
One point of contact

Blog Mill Drawbacks

No control over writer choice
Inconsistent quality and voice
No expert written content
May not follow latest SEO best practices
Content tends to lack uniqueness

The Next Generation of Content Mills 

There is a new generation of content mills that are taking over. These website fashion themselves more like agencies than mills or job boards. Their goal is to connect writers with businesses to foster better connections. This method works for some, but there are a lot of kinks in the process. You’ll find that it’s a bit hit and miss as you find your ideal writer. 


Break Free From the Blog Mills 

There is truth in the statement “you get what you pay for”. If you want your content marketing efforts to produce a fruitful ROI, then you need to invest in it. Instead of opting for the cheapest option, consider alternatives. Developing a relationship with a freelance writer allows you to have more control and input into your content production. 

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