YouTube marketing stats you need to know for 2020

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YouTube marketing stats you need to know for 2020

Have you considered YouTube marketing as a part of your content marketing plan? You may have skipped over video because it doesn’t seem worth it. After all, you have to come up with a topic, create a script, film, edit, post, and promote. That’s a lot of work for something when you can’t prove direct ROI.

However, video is the future of content marketing. People love to have information fed to them. It’s easier to digest than reading. Video is also readily sharable on social media. You don’t have to create long movies, one to three minute long videos are plenty.

Videos are a solid addition to the consumer sales funnel. You can create videos that show how your product works. Or you could create videos that troubleshot common problems that customers face. This creates a database of information for customers to turn to. This information can also convince potential customers that your company is the right choice for their purchase.

If you still aren’t convinced that video marketing is an important addition to your content marketing plan, then you need to see these stats about YouTube in 2020.

While video may be the future of marketing, that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about the written word. The best marketing strategies use blogging and YouTube marketing together to create a complete marketing approach. There are two ways you can do this.

The first is to have a blog that repeats the information presented in the video. This gives people the option to choose whether they want to watch or read.

The second option is to use the video and blog to build upon each other. For instance, you could have a general list blog that mentions a specific task, then link to your video that goes in-depth explaining how to do that task.

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